A decade into the Cedar Revolution Ten years have passed since the Cedar Revolution. In 10 years, dreams have been shattered and efforts to rebuild Lebanon into a real democracy have failed. In 2005, Lebanon forced the Syrian Army to withdraw, only to find itself-
a decade later-under an Iranian occupation.

The difference is that this occupation is one by proxy, and liberating Lebanon today would lead to internal fighting
and a civil war. Iran, through Hezbollah and allies, has ensured the continued dysfunction of state institutions and has forced March 14 politicians to make one concession after another, and consequently we have become nearly helpless and hopeless. We’ve surrendered our freedom for the sake of security.

Each time Lebanon had a chance to move on, assassinations, explosions and bursts of civil war brought us back
to zero. Our attempts at freedom have come at a very high price and our sacrifices, in lives and blood, have been
many plenty.

The info-graph below shows political and security incidents, in a simple chronological order, unmistakably showing how death and fear has been rained down on Lebanon every time it tried to breath.

Ten years into this nightmare, we realize today that our concessions have not really provided our security.
On the contrary, our concessions have forced Lebanon into more security threats and opened our doors to
the sectarian fighting across the region: Iran wants more power and will not stop until we all give up everything.

This chronology reveals that our concessions have not, and will not, lead to security. It raises the question
of whether compromising our values was worth it. As it seems, we are still unsafe, our state institutions are nothing but shells, and our freedom has been yielded.
Published: March 13, 2015 NOW The timeline content was provided by the general secretariat of March 14.