NOW Calls for legalizing civil marriage have gained traction since last month, when Nidal Darwish and Khouloud Souccariyeh attempted to become the first couple in Lebanon’s history to become legally married in a civil ceremony.

News of the young couple’s attempt at civil marriage quickly drew varying responses from many Lebanese political and religious figures. The decision on the couple’s marriage was later rejected by the Interior Ministry.
NOW spoke to Lebanese MPs to find out how they would vote on the issue. As it appears, were a draft law in support of civil marriage proposed in parliament, it would receive well over the 65 votes needed to pass, as fewer than 10 MPs have come out to explicitly oppose civil unions. A large percentage refused to comment or said they had not made any decision at this point in time. Baath (1): Kassem Hashem

Democratic Left (1): Amin Wehbe

Change & Reform (11): Alain Aoun, Edgar Maalouf, Farid al-Khazen, Ghassan Moukheiber, Nabil Nicolas, Simon Abi Ramia, Michel Helo, Ziad Aswad, Gilberte Zouein, Hikmat Dib, Salim Salhab

Future (24): Atef Majdalani, Khodr Habib, Nidal Tohme, Nohad Mashnouq, Saad Hariri, Ghazi Youssef, Riad Rahhal, Jamal Jarrah, Farid Makari, Fouad Siniora, Kazem al Kheir, Mohammed Qabbani, Nabil de Freij, Nicolas Ghosn, Ziad Kadiri, Badr Wannous, Khaled Zahraman, Samir Jisr, Ahmad Fatfat, Ammar Houry, Bahia Hariri, Mohammad Hajjar, Bassem Shaab, Hadi Hobeish

Hasnhak (2): Serge Torsarkissian, Sebo Kalbakian

Independents (5): Michel Pharaon, Butros Harb, Nayla Tueni, Robert Ghanem, Mohammad Safadi

Kataeb (5-all): Fadi Habr, Samer Saadeh, Sami Gemayel, Elie Marouni, Nadim Gemayel

Lebanese Democratic Party (1): Talal Arslan

Lebanese Forces (8-all): Antoine Zahra, Elie Keyrouz, Fadi Karam, Georges Adwan, Strida Geagea, Joseph Maalouf, Shant Jinjinian, Tony Abu Khater

Marada (3): Salim Karam, Sleiman Franjieh
and Estephan Doueihy

National Liberal Party (1-all):
Dory Chamoun

Progressive Socialist Party (7-all): Akram Shahayeb, Alaeddine Terro, Elie Aoun, Ghazi Aridi, Nehme Tohme, Wael Abu Faour, Walid Jumblatt

Ramgavar (1): Jean Ogassapian

Democratic Gathering (2): Antoine Saad, Henri Helou

Syrian Social Nationalist Party (2-all):
Assaad Hardan, Marwan Fares

Tashnaq (1): Artur Nazarian

Zahle block (2): Okab Sakr and Assem Araji
Future (2):
Khaled Daher,
Mouein Merhebi

Islamic Group (1):
Imad al-Hout

Islamic Action Front (1): Kamel Rifaii
Amal (13): Abdellatif Zein and Abdelmajid Saleh both said no decision was taken yet by the party. Yassine Jaber said they were uncertain as a party.

Free Patriotic Movement (3): Abbas Hashem,
Michel Aoun, Walid Khoury

Hezbollah (12): wouldn’t comment

Independent (4): Tammam Salam, Ahmad
Karami, Najib Miqati said something similar,
Michel al-Murr
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Baath (1): Assem Qanso

Change & Reform (5): Ibrahim Kanaan, Issam Sawaya, Naji Gharios, Neemtallah Abi Nasr, Youssef Khalil

Independent (5): Mohammad Kabbara, Robert Fadel, Kassem Abdulaziz, Nicolas Fattoush, Emile Rahme

Lebanese Democratic Party (1): Fadi Awar

Democratic Gathering (2): Fouad Saad, Marwan Hamadeh

Tashnag (1): Hagop Pakradounian
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Data was collected through telephone interviews with MPs and their
press officers, their statements in the media, and their official websites. Yara Chehayed, Justin Salhani, Ranya Radwan and May Baaklini contributed reporting
February 14, 2013
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A Lebanese judicial body ruled Monday evening that civil marriage
in Lebanon is legal, though the ruling is not binding.