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Lebanese blogger and stylist Rana Wehbe-Flinter talks fashion

Lebanese blogger and stylist Rana Wehbe-Flinter.
Lebanese blogger and stylist Rana Wehbe-Flinter.
Lebanese blogger and stylist Rana Wehbe-Flinter
Lebanese blogger and stylist Rana Wehbe-Flinter
 Lebanese blogger and stylist Rana Wehbe-Flinter
Lebanese blogger and stylist Rana Wehbe-Flinter

Upon moving with her husband to Singapore 10 months ago, Lebanese blogger and stylist Rana Wehbe-Flinter thought she will find a job and call it a day. Luckily for us, things don’t always go as planned. The difficulty she faced in securing a job was probably the best thing that had happened to the lovable, curly-haired 30-year-old.


The creator and author of fashion blog Bonjour Singapore, she told NOW Extra that “fashion is about fun and not status.”


In 2011, “my husband and I moved to Singapore as he is setting up a company here, so I came without a job - but finding something wasn’t as easy as we both expected,” Wehbe-Flinter told NOW Extra. “While I was searching, I was also out discovering the city and finding all these cool, little boutiques and great emerging designers. So one afternoon, I just decided to create a blog to keep me busy and to share my discoveries in Singapore with other people.”


What started as a personal endeavor has become the local fashionistas’ darling for highlighting the underrepresented scene. “My blog is, first and foremost, a discovery blog, and I focus solely on Singaporean and Asian designers. When I started, there was no other blog that did what I do, and I try to stick to it because I believe it’s what sets it apart.”


Truly, Bonjour Singapore has it all, from useful insights on how to clean out your closet clutter stylishly  to Wehbe-Flinter’s preference of (gasp!) gorgeous eel-skin purses to her trilogy on “The 30 Singapore designers you need to know about.” 


And just when you think it’s all too good to be true, think again!


Much to my delight, Wehbe-Flinter recently added a new section called Bonjour Beirut, in ode to her hometown. “On my last visit to Beirut, I met up with a few designers and interviewed them for my blog… I’d like to think that even though I’m based in Singapore, I’m still spreading the word about the amazing talents back home.”


And while passion is admirable, as the saying goes, “a girl’s gotta eat.” But when it comes to money, Wehbe-Flinter refuses categorically to give up her editorial integrity for a quick buck. She told NOW Extra that she blogs three times a week to “keep the consistency and the reputation I’ve built so far… There are so many ways to make money without touching the editorial integrity. It just takes a bit longer.”


“My reputation has grown because of the blog, and I am getting writing and styling jobs because of the high profile having a popular(ish) blog gives me,” she told NOW Extra. “One of the most flattering things about what I’ve done is that other blogs with a ‘local fashion’ focus have started to spring up, and even the mainstream media is starting to cover the [local] scene more.”


And what gives Bonjour Singapore brownie points is Wehbe-Flinter’s ability to strike a balance between having concise, clear content and eye-catching presentation. According to the blogger, it’s the result of passion and hard work. “I research [my topics] and stroll the streets aimlessly, hoping to find something cool to write about and actively contact those emerging designers I love… [But] I really try not to take myself too seriously.”


It seems Wehbe-Flinter is as versatile as a chameleon. Writer, blogger, stylist and graphic designer, she jokingly said her future plans are “nothing short of a global empire of spin-off websites and a multi-billion dollar brand that is more influential than Anna Wintour... Seriously though, I would love to be able to grow [Bonjour Singapore] into a sustainable brand that I can do full-time. It would be a dream come true to figure out a way to make a living by doing something I love.”


Check out Rana Wehbe-Flinter’s blog, Bonjour Singapore here

Lebanese blogger and stylist Rana Wehbe-Flinter (Photo courtesy of Cornelyus Tan)