Translation of Syria opposition chief Ahmad Moaz al-Khatib's resignation speech

Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib

The patient, struggling people of Syria,


We have been getting slaughtered for two years, while the entire world watches and listens, by a cruel and unprecedented regime.


A lot of people have offered us pure humanitarian aid and we thank them all.


However, there is a bitter reality which is taming the Syrian people, ending its revolution and attempting to control it.


Everything that has happened to the Syrian people, starting with the destruction of the country’s infrastructure to the arrest and displacement of tens of thousands of its people and all the other tragedies, were not enough to get the international community to make a decision to allow the people to defend themselves.


Whoever is prepared to be obedient will be supported and the ones who do not will suffer from starvation and besiegement. We will not beg anyone, and if the decision is to execute us as Syrians, we shall die as we please. The door of freedom has been opened and will not be closed, neither for the Syrians nor for any people.


The regime has lost with its foolishness the most precious chance for a comprehensive national reconciliation, and many international and regional parties have tried to drag the Syrians to their side.


Our message to everyone is that the Syrian decision will be made by the Syrians and the Syrians alone.


I have promised God and our great people that I will resign when things cross certain red lines. I am living up to my promises today and I announce my resignation from the National Coalition in order to work freely, which I cannot do within official institutions.


We understand that positions are means that serve noble purposes and not goals we seek or preserve.


We will continue our journey with our brothers who endeavor our people’s freedom, and there will be messages and agreements between all parties who share our pain and hopes.


A little patience is asked of our people…a new day is looming on the horizon…


Ahmad Moaz al-Khatib

Syrian opposition's National Coalition chief Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib. (AFP/Alberto Pizzoli)

The regime has lost with its foolishness the most precious chance for a comprehensive national reconciliation.