Rebels shelling Hama military airport

Rebels firing on Hama airport

Rebels on Wednesday shelled Hama’s military airport located on the western outskirts of the Syrian city, activists said.


The insurgent forces used “locally-manufactured” rockets to barrage the facility, Al-Arabiya cited Syrian activists as saying.


The activist Syrian Media Center said that regime forces moved helicopters from the under-fire airport to a base in Dair Shamil, a small Alawite-populated village west of Hama.


The activist group also uploaded a video Wednesday purportedly showing rebels firing Grad rocket at the Hama military airport.


As rebels have made advances on the ground, the Syrian regime has increasingly resorted to air power to beat back offensives. The rebels in past months have adopted a strategy of hitting military airports to fight back against regime air superiority.

A YouTube video purportedly uploaded Wednesday shows rebels firing on Hama military airport.

The insurgent forces used “locally-manufactured” rockets to barrage the facility.