Israel’s aggression shows support
for Al-Qaeda, Syrian official says

Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Moqdad said on Sunday that the Israeli aggression against Syria proved Israel’s support for Al-Qaeda in Syria.


“The Israeli aggression on Syria proves a strong bonding between Israel, the US, France and Saudi Arabia in the support of terrorism and Al-Qaeda,” Moqdad said during an interview with Al-Manar TV.


“This criminal attack came to justify the acts of Al-Qaeda,” he added.


Moqdad also stressed that his country “has the right to defend its people with various ways and means.”


He also noted that some Arab countries were partaking in the aggression against Syria.


“Some Arab states have become an integral part of the aggression against Syria,” he said, adding that his country “will never tolerate the terrorism committed by Israel and its tools in Syria.”


On Saturday, media quoted US officials as saying that Israeli warplanes targeted a Syrian weapons shipment headed for Lebanon's Hezbollah. A diplomatic source reported that strikes were launched to destroy arms stored at Damascus airport.

This criminal attack came to justify the acts of Al-Qaeda.

  • Hanibaal-Atheos

    Mr. Moqdad, your regime has been at peace with Israel for 40 years. Your Assad regime has been Israel's best friend in the region, You never fired one bullet against the Israeli annexation, not just occupation, but ANNEXATION, of the Golan Heights. Many of us believe that these Israeli attacks are intended to help you, not your enemies. Now, after these attacks, you can claim to be the victim of an "Israeli aggression".

    May 5, 2013