Damascus chemical strikes
kill over 1300, activists say

Most of the casualties were reportedly women and children

Moadamiyeh victims. (YouTube)
Child in hospital. (YouTube)
Children victims. (YouTube)
Alleged chemical strike victims. (YouTube)

Pre-dawn chemical weapon strikes on a number of Damascus suburbs have left over 1300 people dead as the regime barraged the areas with artillery and missiles, activists reported Wednesday morning.


The Local Coordination Committees said that at least 1300 civilians were killed in "poison gas strikes" in the Ain Tarma and Zamalka areas of the Eastern Ghouta suburbs of Damascus as well as in Moadamiyeh [southwest of the capital].”


The LCC further reported that most of the casualties were women and children, adding that "the death toll is rising due to lack of medical personnel and equipment to treat victims.”


The report specified that “400 martyrs fell in Zamalka, 300 in Hamouriyeh, 150 in Douma, 150 in Kafr Batna, 75 in Ain Tarma, 105 in Moadamiyeh and Daraya, 69 in Seqba, 63 in Irbin, 16 in Jisreen, and 5 in Harasta," most of which are areas held by rebels fighting the Bashar al-Assad regime.


The Syrian Support Group, a Washington-based organization that advocates for increased support for the Supreme Military Command of the FSA, told NOW that the women and children were sleeping when the attack occurred, and that most of the victims therefore suffocated to death.


The SSG also reported that the concentrated sarin gas was delivered to the suburbs via four Grad missiles.


However, the Syrian regime denied having used chemical arms in eastern Damascus.


"Reports on the use of chemical weapons in [the suburbs of] Ghouta are totally false," state news agency SANA said.


It dismissed as "unfounded" the reports from opposition activists carried by Al-Jazeera, Sky and other satellite news channels "which are implicated in the shedding of Syrian blood and support terrorism."


A series of graphic videos and images uploaded by activists showed dead children and frantic scenes at field hospitals following the alleged chemical attack.


One chilling video uploaded to YouTube shows the corpses of a number of children and corpses bearing no sign of physical injury inside a building purportedly in the Eastern Ghouta suburbs of Damascus as the narrator explains that an entire family died due to “shelling with chemical substances.”


Another two videos allegedly filmed in Moadamiya shows grieving residents inside a building looking at corpses and attending to people lying on the ground struggling to breathe.


In yet another video, a doctor attends to a small child struggling to breathe and says the victim’s symptoms “are a clear indication of being exposed to Sarin gas.”


The alleged chemical strike comes as a team of UN inspectors on Monday began a 14-day mission to visit three sites that had reportedly witnessed past chemical strikes.


UN chief Ban Ki-Moon on Monday called for the inspectors to be granted unrestricted access to sites in Syria where chemical weapons had purportedly been used. 


Amid the purported regime gas strike, activists and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that government forces were also shelling the afflicted areas, leaving at least 100 people dead.


SNN said that the Damascus area of Jobar had been shelled by over 100 rockets while two air raids were held over eastern Damascus.

The activists added that heavy artillery fire from batteries stationed on Damascus' northern Mount Qasioun also targeted eastern suburbs of the capital. 


Amid the shelling, regime forces were massing to raid the Jobar and Moadamiya areas outside Damascus, SNN also said.


Activists also reported that surface-to-surface missiles had been striking the Jobar area of Damascus.


Hezbollah's Al-Manar television reported that Syrian regime forces had begun a "wide military operation" in the Damascus district.

A video uploaded Wednesday shows crowds gathering around victims of an alleged chemical strike in Damascus' Moadamiyeh. (YouTube)

The death toll is rising due to lack of medical personnel and equipment to treat victims.

  • usman.sarwar.921

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    December 11, 2014

  • NotSure1

    It is outrageous whether it is Bashar or Rebels used chemical weapons, it wrong if 1 person or 1300 died from it. I can’t believe the reaction of the international community; all of them play on words. For example, France: if it is confirmed, UN: need probe, and some condoms, some urges, Lebanon allowing HA to fight in Syria, and the US is color blind to distinguish between the red line and other colors. And the British an even Iran and Russia.. Stop the talk and Act for once. Forget politics and selfishness and act to protect these people for God’s, or devils sake, do it for moral reasons. Since the game of the 911 and we have been playing on words and all lies came out. From creating al qaeda that no one really knows who are they, and what they want or belong to , and calling anybody who is against you a terrorist. Anyone can use the word terrorist and get away with it now. Since Saddam was attacked for using and having chemical weapons, the contradictions and lies of the internal community came out, double standards on each crises is bluntly very clear. Saddam, Mubarak, Kaddafi.. Bashar, Morsi..What a coincidence and what a spring my s...

    August 22, 2013

  • Vlad Tepes

    Glad to see so many intelligent readers here posting the truth. Sometimes I think I'm the only one here who sees through this false FSA propaganda. Long live the true people of Syria and not these terrorist invadef scum.

    August 22, 2013

  • usman.sarwar.921

    pray to devil your Load because your Barsah Kansir and all of you will soon be killed

    December 11, 2014

  • TruthMonger

    My question pertains to the logicality of using chemical weapons on a small scale? If such actions regardless of the scale of their use, are going to invoke international condemnation and further support foreign desires for a military intervention, then why wouldn't Bashar Assad use them on a greater and more strategically effective scale? Such as within a scud missile aimed at a larger rebel convoy? It just doesn't make sense for him to use them on such a minor scale if he knows that such any use of chemical weapons would cross "the red line" of foreign leaders like Obama. I think it just seems awfully convenient that the day after UN chemical weapons inspectors arrive in Syria, there is all of a sudden an alleged chemical weapon attack by the regime on civilians? Like for a man who has proven his intelligence time and time again by successfully defending himself for pretty well 3 years from a massive insurgency backed by a multitude of external powers, its seems completely illogical for him to all of a sudden start using chemical weapons the day after UN inspectors arrive.

    August 21, 2013

  • Vlad Tepes


    August 22, 2013

  • Abdul2

    Why in all videos are still same 20-25 childrens and FSA rebels showing like "killed":? Where is another 1200 killed according FSA propaganda? FSA must have low IQ when think that world and people would believe that Assad wait for Un inspectors and then kill 1000 people by Sarin:)) After Genocide in LAtakia from FSA criminal was stopped by Army they using old Gobels propaganda of CHW.. And that is funny:"Syrian sources to NOW: Smell of toxic gases has reached Damascus". But Sarin has NO smell.:) Nice day

    August 21, 2013

  • Activit48

    Woke residents of the capital Damascus on Wednesday morning on the strong voices resulting from intensive military operations carried out by the Syrian Arab Army against the headquarters of armed militias in a number of rural towns of the capital. «Militias suffered severe defeats, paid for mad common chemotherapy, these words security source confirmed a special permit for an urgent network news that the rumored since this morning on a number of news agencies on the use of chemical gases army completely false. A number of TV and media agencies launched an intensive media campaign based on a common «killed hundreds of using chemical gases in towns المعضمية and Ain Tarma Orbin and Jobar, citing accounts of subsequent describes these channels activists in the field. Syrian security source scoffed at this rumor, pointing out that town المعضمية, for example, "contained in the overlapping parts of them on the Syrian Arab Army forces in places not keep him out of only a few meters militias which makes chemical news about a desperate reaction from supporters after militias resounding losses suffered by the impact of military operations. " Finally, the source pointed out that military operations have been very successful as targeted dozens headquarters of militias and dropped them large numbers.

    August 21, 2013

  • expert

    600? no 6 000 or 60 000 ? so why in video are only few dozen and among them FSA rebels and alive childrens? In video no sign of sarin, so nice FSA propaganda in time of UN arrival.

    August 21, 2013

  • Pedrro

    I must laught, on FSA thugs propaganda. Or you think that ugly Assad invite UN inspectors to Damaskus and then on second days used chemical weapons in Damaskus??? Nice Goebels CIA propaganda like Sadam and his chemical weapons tthat US still search:)). But syrian people will be free soon from FSA criminals.

    August 21, 2013

  • Pedrro

    FSA used chemical weaposn like sarin against civilians, confirmed civilians. According 2 women FSA fired dozen homemade mortal with chemical gas n the Eastern Ghouta suburbs of Damascus on civilians houses.Then filmed victims and kill everybody who want said it to UN inspectors. That is massacer.

    August 21, 2013

  • gulder

    Mass grave of killed dozens civilians by FSA butchers discovered in Lattakia countryside. Any news about it? An official source announced that army units discovered a mass grave containing bodies of citizens who were killed by terrorists in the northern countryside of Lattakia. The source added that the army units discovered the mass grave, which contained charred and decomposed bodies, in the villages to which the army restored security and stability. The source told that some of the bodies have been identified by the victims' families while others were not identified as their bodies were too charred.Coroner Ali Ali, who examined the bodies found in the mass grave, said the bodies are of men, women and children in a state of decomposition, and that their features are completely gone. Ali told the Syrian TV that the causes of death were varied, as some of the victims were stabbed with sharp objects, while others had their throat slit, and some were shot to death. Earlier, armed terrorist groups infiltrated a number of villages in the northern countryside of Lattakia and committed massacres against the citizens

    August 21, 2013

  • FSA TO ICC now

    That is another massacer commited by FSA thugs using smuggle Sarin from Turkey like in Aleppo. But when it would be Sarin used by army that be thousands killed no only 200, ant all inside builing wold be killed include cameraman. That show that is anothet al-qaeda propaganda. Video has a problem, many are not killed, they are alive and they move. And in video are no siign of Sarin like foam in mouth. Or any projectile any smoke, nothing.

    August 21, 2013

  • Activist for peace

    MAny children in video are not killed, activist confirmed that are fabricated videos. Total killed in over 200 among them FSA rebels. Pls stop this Goebels pro-alqaeda propaganda. FSA dont want alowed investigated brutal chemical ataňck near Allepo, because they know that Obama said any chemical atack in crossed red line and then Obama must bombed FSA positions.

    August 21, 2013

  • Activist for peace

    "FSA criminals gases these civilians, confirmed defected FSA comander.in video. FSA want blame Assad and bring intervention. Why Assad would be used sarin aganist civilians and why now when then there are UN inspectors," he asked?? Witnesses confirmed that saw FSA thugs in gas mask firing rocket with "unidentificated gas like sarin" on populated are killing 112 civilians among them 58 childrens. Then civilian call Syrian army and air strike killed 86 FSA rebels. FSA must stop this massacres against syrian civilians.

    August 21, 2013