Saadeh: This week is decisive; we will not accept “crumbs”

Kataeb bloc MP Samer Saadeh told New TV on Monday that the current week is “decisive,” given that the names of ministerial candidates and distribution of portfolios between parliamentary blocs will be discussed.

Saadeh added he is not optimistic, saying the opposition has yet to disclose its conditions and stressed that a new government will not be formed if Change and Reform bloc leader MP Michel Aoun does not retract his demands – which include being granted the Telecommunications Ministry and another key ministry. He stated, “We will not accept that Aoun gets all the main portfolios, while we get the crumbs,” a reference to insignificant ministries.

Saadeh also said that “fears of another May 7” should neither impede the cabinet formation nor lead to “abandoning the constitution.” He highlighted that to avoid a cabinet crisis, he supports a government made of “parties that agree to participate,” hinting that if the opposition fails to concede, a cabinet should be formed in its absence.

-NOW Lebanon