Syria rebels allege hit on regime general, Hezbollah members


Syrian rebels on Tuesday claimed that they injured regime general Mohammad Ali Durgham and killed a number of Hezbollah members in an attack on his convoy west of Damascus.


“[We] targeted the convoy of General Ali Durgam… after his return from Lebanon… as he was heading to a command headquarters in Habayl,” a statement issued by a rebel group operating in the Damascus district said.


They added that they “confirmed the general’s injury” as well as the death of several Hezbollah members in the attack.


A Lebanese source told NOW that the blast that targeted the convoy took place in the town of Artouz south of Damascus, without providing any further details.


Durgham is a top Syrian commander who commands the 4th Armored Division. Western states passed sanctions against him early 2012.


Earlier in February reports emerged that three Lebanese Shiites were killed in clashes in Syria, as the opposition accused the militant group Hezbollah of fighting alongside its regime allies.


The Free Syrian has threatened to retaliate against Hezbollah in response to the alleged fighting in the Homs province.

A video uploaded on Tuesday purportedly shows an attack on a Syrian general's convoy. (YouTube)

We targeted the convoy of General Ali Durgam.