Publication court sentences Ghada Eid and Mariam al-Bassam to three months in prison

The Publication Court issued two verdicts on Tuesday in cases presented by the Head of the Shura Council Judge Shukri Sader.

The first case was against Ghada Marouni Eid and the NEW TV, represented by its Chief Executive Officer Mohammad Tahsin Khayyat for slander in the “Al-Fasad” television show that is hosted by Eid. The verdicts states that Eid and Chief News editor Mariam al-Bassam will be imprisoned for three months and fined 30 million LL.

The court also issued a verdict to fine Ad-Diyar newspaper owner Charles Ayoub and Chief executive Youssef Howayek 50 million LL in a case filed by Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri, for publishing false news as well as threatening public safety, even though Hariri had dropped his personal right in the charge. 

-NOW Lebanon