People’s Movement announces candidacy of Wakim and Halabi in Beirut

The People’s Movement announced on Thursday that Ibrahim al-Halabi and Najah Wakim were their candidates in the Beirut III district for the upcoming elections.

Halabi would run for the Sunni Seat and Wakim for the Orthodox seat.

During the movement’s press conference, where both candidates were present, Wakim said that Arab reconciliation did not mean that the “previous stage was now resolved.”

“The major reason for Lebanon’s domestic conflict is its position within the regional conflict, its strategic choices, the Resistance and its relationship with the state, Lebanese-Syrian relations and Lebanon’s stance toward battling regional axes.”

The 1960 electoral law approved in Doha last year increased confessional and sectarian divisions, Wakim said, adding that this put the country before two possibilities: the opposition winning the majority by a slight margin and forming a national unity cabinet, or the March 14 alliance winning by a slight margin and adopting authoritarianism over the governing process.

In both cases, he said, a crisis would immediately take hold after the elections.

-NOW Staff