MP Keyrouz slams OTV’s program on Ehden massacre

MP Elie Keyrouz said in a press conference that OTV’s program on the Ehden massacre was in bad taste, noting that there have been previous attempts on the part of the Free Patriotic Movement to counterfeit images and to “make outrageous moves.” He noted that these “cheap” attempts, among them the white ballots presented during the presidential elections, have been detected and that “they will not succeed with their goals.”

He said that it is clear that Syria has commissioned General Michel Aoun with a renewed “attack” on Christians and stressed that those who are forgiving close old, tragic chapters and turn new pages. It was Syrian policy during that particular era that caused the incident, he explained, and that tried to shift the conflict from Christian-Syrian to Christian-Christian.

The Ehden massacre resulted in the death of Sleiman Franjieh’s father, then-Minister Tony Franjieh, and his wife, daughter and up to thirty others. It is widely speculated that the Lebanese Forces were behind the attack.

Keyrouz added that OTV’s television program did not state what happened prior to the massacre or “the shameful abuses caused by the Marada.” Following the massacre, said Keyrouz, an open war was launched against the Kataeb presence in the area, resulting in the death of some 100 people, the demolition of homes, and the displacement of thousands of Kataeb members in a span of just five months.

According to Keyrouz, however, “those who participated in the massacre are today Franjieh’s allies.”

Keyrouz noted that previous investigations found that Geagea had nothing to do with the massacre, which is why the file “was closed.” Franjieh, said Keyrouz, is merely keen on attacking the Lebanese Forces. 

Nonetheless, Keyrouz acknowledged the Ehden massacre as a tragedy that must be remembered, noting that there have been tragedies on both sides. He stressed that the solution today is returning to the “civilization of the Church,” because it is capable of healing hearts.

Keyrouz said he holds Aoun responsible for the re-opening of wounds and attempted incitement of Christians against one another. He concluded that all sides should apologize to each other, because each side made mistakes – not just one party.

-NOW Staff