LBCI: Dispute between PFLP-GC chief’s son, other party officials caused Thursday clash

LBCI television reported on Friday that disputes between the chief of the Popular Front for Liberating Palestine-General Command (PFPL-GC) Ahmad Jibril’s son, Khaled Jibril, and other PFLP-GC officials in Lebanon could be the cause behind the clashes that erupted in the Bekaa village of Kfar Zabad on Thursday.

“The members of PFLP-GC are still on alert despite the calming down of the situation, and the residents of region [of the clash in Bekaa] are still noticing activity of armed factions,” LBCI reported.

The report added that the PFLP-GC members come from different nationalities and that they have underground tunnels and weapon storages. 

-NOW Lebanon 

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