Illegal buildings in Palestinian
refugee camp to be removed

A security forces unit is preparing to raid the Dbayeh Palestinian refugee camp and destroy around 20 illegal buildings, NOW learned on Saturday.


According to the report, the security forces are surrounding the camp with a number of bulldozers to destroy the two-story buildings.


Hamas’ representative in Lebanon Ali Baraka condemned the news, and warned that such a step could escalate the tension between security forces and the refugees in all camps in Lebanon.


“The camp’s residents called [Hamas] at midnight and asked for help,” Baraka told NOW.


“The Lebanese state does not ban buildings inside the camp. We can find two-story buildings in all camps, so why is the camp that is inhabited by Christian Palestinians targeted?”


Baraka also noted that the targeted buildings in the Dbayeh camp are located on land that belongs to the UNRWA.

The camp’s residents called [Hamas] at midnight and asked for help.

  • libanderives

    Sorry but… Lebanon is not Israel, what a foolish comparison in your comment! In Palestine, Palestinians are in THEIR country and the destruction policy of Israel is only a criminal one. In Lebanon, the government must give the refugees the right of doing some improve (at least!) in their hard housing conditions. It'll be really not so great - instead of this sad bulldozer policy!

    October 25, 2013

  • jossef.perl

    No one in the international community will criticize Lebanon when it demolishes illegal construction by Palestinians; criticizm is reserved only for Israel.

    October 20, 2013