Egypt Independent newspaper
shut down

Egypt Independent, the leading English-language publications in its country, was shut down earlier in the week by the management of its owners Al-Masry Media Corporation, a move blasted by the paper’s editor-in-chief.


Egypt Independent editor-in-chief Lina Attalah told NOW the decision “was a combination of bad management, political pressure, and lack of insight on the side of Al Masri Media Corporation.”


“The economic problems have been there for a long time, but part of the failure of Al-Masry Youm is that they never cared about developing a viable business plan in order to make the newspaper sustainable and not dependent of on the paychecks of the businessmen,” she added.


“When the businessmen decided to pull the plug, it meant the end of the publication. This is completely unacceptable.”


However, Attalah sounded a hopeful note, saying, “We’re planning to continue, to set up something new.”


“Behind Egypt Independent is a group of Egypt’s finest journalists who have been constantly reporting with honesty and balance… [which] promises that the new project will only be better.”


The publication said in a statement that the staff attempted to print a closing edition for Thursday, but “management ordered a last-minute stoppage after scrutinizing the issue’s content.”


The staff instead produced an online edition available for readers, saying, “in keeping with our practice of critical journalism, we use our final issue to reflect on the political and economic challenges facing Egyptian media, including in our own institution.”


Egypt Independent is the sister-publication of Al-Masry al-Youm, one of Egypt’s top independent publications. The English-language newspaper started as a website in 2009 before beginning weekly print operations in 2011, as revolution swept Egypt and knocked Hosni Mubarak's regime out of power.


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We’re planning to continue, to set up something new.