Assad’s speech is the “second Corrective Movement,” says Berri

Speaker Nabih Berri said that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s Wednesday speech is the “second Corrective Movement,” according to a statement issued by Berri’s press office.

“The first Corrective Movement led by late President Hafez al-Assad laid the foundations for Syria the invincible… while the second one [led by Bashar al-Assad] lays the foundation of a modern Syria… the country of civil rights.”

Syria’s stability is an Arab need, and particularly a Lebanese one, Berri also said.

Assad on Wednesday blamed conspirators for deadly unrest in Syria but failed to lift emergency rule or offer other concessions in his first speech since protests demanding greater freedoms erupted earlier this month.

The Corrective Revolution in Syria, better known as the Corrective Movement, was a military-pragmatist faction's takeover within the Baath party regime of Syria in 1970, bringing Hafez al-Assad to power.

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