Ahmad Assaad and his allies announce candidates in the South

Lebanese Option Gathering leader Ahmad al-Assaad that the upcoming elections would be fateful “no matter how much they wanted to strip them of importance and underestimate it.”

“All the Lebanese want to enjoy the same security, stability, prosperity and peace,” he said, asking “why should Syrian and Iranian citizens enjoy all that while we are deprived of it?”

Assaad spoke in Sin al-Fil on Sunday where he announced the candidates of the Lebanese Option Gathering and its allies, saying, “All the Lebanese want the strong and capable state.”

He said the movement aimed “to develop the political functions in Lebanon… so that it will be a true competition between two different visions, or two different solutions, or two different budgets.”

Asaad announced the following candidates: Ahmad al-Asaad for a Shia seat in Marjayoun-Hasbaya; Elias Abu Rizk for the Greek orthodox seat in the Marjayoun-Hasbaya district; Marhan Ramadan for a Shia seat in the Marjayoun-Hasbaya district; Dr Rabah Abi Haidar for a Shiite seat in the Bint Jbeil district; Ali Mhanna for a Shiite seat in Bint Jbeil district. Dr. Ahmad al-Khahwaja for a Shiite seat in Bint Jbeil; Ali al-Amin for the Shia seat in Tyre; Zein Khalife  for the Shia seat in Zahrani; and Rifaat Masri, Mohammad Sleiman Haidar, Abu el-Kheir Shahine, Mohammad Sobhi Yaghi, Riad Zoeiter, Mofdel Alou  for the Shiite seats in the Baalbek-Hermel  district.

Later on Sunday, Elias Abu Rizk issued a statement in which he denied he was running on Asaad’s list or even was allied with him. Instead, Abu Rizk affirmed that he was an independent candidate . 

-NOW Staff