Live Coverage: Egypt crackdown

Egypt's Islamists called for a "Friday of anger" in Cairo after nearly 600 people were killed

Cairo violence. (AFP/Khaled Desouki)
Cairo violence. (AFP/Hasan Mohamed)
Muslim Brotherhood supporters attempt to block a road leading to their protest camp in Cairo’s Rabaa al-Adawiya. (AFP/Khaled Desouki)

Egypt's Islamists called for a "Friday of anger" in Cairo after nearly 600 people were killed following a crackdown on their protest camps, as the UN urged "maximum restraint" from all sides.


"Anti-coup rallies... will depart from all mosques of Cairo and head towards Ramsis square after [traditional Friday] prayer in 'Friday of Anger'," Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Gehad al-Haddad wrote on Twitter.


The call raised fears of fresh violence after the death toll from nationwide clashes following Wednesday's operation to clear two protest camps supporting ousted president Mohamed Morsi rose to 578, making it Egypt's bloodiest day in decades.


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[21:40] The US on Friday urged Egypt to avoid using "lethal force" against demonstrators, as the death toll from a crackdown on supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi continued to mount.


[21:28] The Iranian foreign minister on Friday urged the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to intervene in member state Egypt to contain a deadly crackdown on Islamists, state television reported.


[21:10] France and Britain called Friday for Europe to send a strong message on the escalating crisis in Egypt, urging the EU to review its relations with Cairo.


[20:58] Jordan said on Friday it backs Egypt's efforts to "impose rule of law" and "combat terrorism," in its first official reaction to the deadly crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood.


[20:40] AFP: Egypt Islamists call end to Friday rallies, vow daily demos


[20:35] A senior UN official will visit Cairo next week to discuss the violent political crisis unfolding in Egypt, the United Nations said Friday.

[19:50] More than 60 people were killed across Egypt on Friday in clashes between Islamist protesters and security forces, according to tolls from witnesses, security sources and the health ministry.


[19:18] Saudi King Abdullah pledged his country's support to Egypt's fight on "terrorism," saying it was the military-backed government's "legitimate right," in a speech aired on official Al-Ekhbariya television Friday.


[19:10] At least 39 bodies were seen in two Cairo mosques Friday as clashes were underway between Islamists and security forces, witnesses and an AFP correspondent said.


The reporter saw at least 19 bodies in one mosque, and witnesses reported more than 20 in another.


[18:55] AFP: Egypt govt says confronting 'malicious terror plot' by Islamists.


[18:37] AFP: More than 20 bodies in Cairo mosque after clashes, witnesses say.


[18:29] The European Union's top diplomat Catherine Ashton on Friday said she had asked the 28-nation bloc to agree "appropriate measures" in response to escalating violence in Egypt.


[18:12] Germany will review its relations with violence-torn Egypt, the office of Chancellor Angela Merkel said in a statement following her talk Friday with French President Francois Hollande.


[17:55] Reuters: Saudi King Abdullah says Riyadh stands with Egypt against “terrorism”.


[17:35] Al-Youm al-Sabea: Explosion heard in Marsa Matrouh, reports that it targeted military investigations department.


[17:30] ABC News: Military police and special forces deployed from Upper Egypt to Cairo.


[17:27] Al-Arabiya: Brotherhood supporters set church of the Virgin Mary in Cairo on fire.


[17:20] Thousands of Turks on Friday protested the bloody crackdown on demonstrators loyal to ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi, chanting that "Infidels are killing Muslims!"


[16:59] At least 12 people were killed across Egypt on Friday, the health ministry said, in clashes between security forces and supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi.


[16:50] AFP: Egypt scraps navy drill with Turkey to protest 'interference'.


[16:44] Hundreds of Hamas supporters rallied on Friday at Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa mosque compound in protest against Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the army chief who ousted Egypt's Islamist president Mohamed Morsi.


[16:43] Reuters: Four dead in violence in central Cairo’s Ramses Square.


[16:25] France and Germany called Friday for urgent European talks on cooperation with Egypt as concern grew over a bloody crackdown on supporters of ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi.


[16:23] Al-Arabiya: Heavy smoke in central Cairo’s Ramses Square caused by fire in building.


[16:20] Smoke rises in Cairo’s central Ramses Square. (Sky News Arabia)


Smoke rises in Cairo’s central Ramses Square. (Sky News Arabia)


[16:16] Muslim Brotherhood supporters gather at Cairo’s May 15 Bridge. (Sky News Arabia)


Muslim Brotherhood supporters gather at Cairo’s May 15 Bridge. (Sky News Arabia)


[16:00] Al-Arabiya: 15 security force members killed in Friday Egypt clashes


[15:53] Gunfire rang out at the sites of at least two protests by Islamists in Cairo on Friday, witnesses told AFP.


[15:46] Reuters: Tear gas fired at pro-Morsi protesters in central Cairo, gunfire heard


[15:45] Egypt state TV broadcasting footage of armed men among crowd at Cairo’s May 15 Bridge


[15:44] Al-Youm al-Sabea: 12 people injured in gunfire dispersing pro-Morsi protest near church in Giza’s Murad Street.


[15:43] Sky News Arabia: Muslim Brotherhood supporters opening fire on security forces below Cairo’s 6 October Bridge.


[15:18] Egypt's tourist industry was facing meltdown on Friday as foreign governments warned their citizens to stay away and told visitors already there to remain in their hotels.


[15:13] Al-Arabiya: Police fire tear gas at protesters in Giza.


[15:11] Egypt TV: Security forces to deal firmly with any breach of the law


[15:10] Four supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi and one policeman were killed in Egypt on Friday, as clashes erupted in several cities between Islamist protesters and security forces.


[15:03] Al-Youm al-Sabea: Heavy clashes between Morsi supporters and opponents in Giza.


[14:55] AFP: Egypt policeman killed in armed attack on Cairo checkpoint, state media says.


[14:40] Reuters: Thousands of Morsi supporters marching to downtown Cairo.


[14:38] Egyptian Interior Ministry: Clashes between security forces and Muslim Brotherhood supporters erupt in Tanta.


[13:45] Most Arab leaders tacitly support Egypt's deadly crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood, fearing the group's growing regional influence since the Arab Spring threatens their own power, analysts say.


[13:25] Al-Arabiya: Explosion targets railway linking Alexandria and Marsa Matrouh


[13:20] Turkey has recalled its ambassador to Cairo as tensions with Egypt worsen dramatically following a bloody crackdown on supporters of the country's ousted Islamist president.


[13:00] The European Union has said top officials from its 28 members will meet Monday to review the crisis in Egypt, where a military crackdown has left hundreds dead.


[12:40] Britain on Friday urged tourists visiting the Red Sea resort of Hurghada to stay in their hotels following a warning by Egyptian police in the wake of violent clashes this week.


[12:32] Germany on Friday "condemned in the strongest terms" the escalation of deadly violence in Egypt and urged all sides to avoid further bloodshed and return to dialogue.


[12:02] AFP: Hollande, Cameron to discuss Egypt crisis Friday, Elysee says.


[11:05] French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel plan to discuss the Egypt crisis in a telephone call at 1200 GMT Friday, a diplomatic source said.


[7:30] Egypt's Islamists called for a "Friday of anger" in Cairo after nearly 600 people were killed following a crackdown on their protest camps, as the UN urged "maximum restraint" from all sides.


[4:59] Egypt's Christians are living in fear after a string of attacks against churches, businesses and homes they say were carried out by angry supporters of ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi.


[3:04] The Argentine president of the UN Security Council urged all parties in the crisis in Egypt to exercise "maximum restraint" Thursday, following an emergency meeting in New York.


[2:51] Egypt's president on Friday suggested US President Barack Obama's condemnation of a deadly crackdown on Islamists may "encourage violent armed groups.”


[1:10] Egyptian police on Thursday entered a Cairo mosque containing the bodies of several dozen killed Islamist protesters after a brief standoff during which they fired tear gas, Islamist activists said.


[0:39] Turkey recalled its ambassador to Egypt Thursday following a bloody crackdown on supporters of the country's ousted Islamist president, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said.


August 15, 2013


[22:05] AFP: UN Security Council to hold Egypt consultations later Thursday, diplomats say


[21:50] AFP: US warns citizens to leave Egypt


[21:20] Egypt's Tamarod group, which launched the call for mass protests that led to the ousting of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, urged all Egyptians to take to the streets on Friday to defend the country from "terrorism".


[20:52] France, Britain and Australia jointly requested an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the deadly violence in Egypt, diplomats said Thursday.


[20:50] Senior UN human rights officials warned Thursday that Egypt's Christian minority faces reprisal attacks after the army's brutal crackdown on supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi.


[20:29] The United States will retain its military ties with Egypt but more violence by the army could jeopardize the relationship, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told the country's military chief Thursday.


[20:01] Militants in Egypt's Sinai peninsula on Thursday killed seven soldiers in an attack on a checkpoint, security officials said.


[18:32] Egypt faces new polarization and the potential for further violence after a crackdown on supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi turned into a bloodbath, analysts say.


[18:22] AFP: Egypt police to use live bullets to defend buildings, forces, ministry says


[18:16] Militants in Egypt's Sinai peninsula on Thursday killed seven soldiers in an attack on a checkpoint, security officials said.


[17:43] The further the black-clad Egyptian policemen tightened the noose on the Rabaa al-Adawiya protest camp, the more desperate became the search for a place to lay out the protesters felled by their gunfire.


[17:32] US President Barack Obama on Thursday canceled exercises with Egypt's military to protest the killing of hundreds of protesters but stopped short of suspending $1.3 billion in annual aid.


[17:11] Al-Arabiya: 3 killed and 55 injured in renewed clashes in Alexandria.


[16:30] UN rights chief Navi Pillay on Thursday demanded a wide-ranging probe into the bloody crackdown by Egyptian security forces on Muslim Brotherhood protesters.


[16:21] President Barack Obama will make a statement on Egypt on Thursday, the White House said, as the death toll after a crackdown on protesters there rose to more than 500.


[15:41] Supporters of ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi launched attacks on police posts in two provinces on Thursday, killing at least two policemen, security officials said.


[15:25] AFP: Egypt Islamists torch governorate HQ in Cairo, state TV says.


[14:27] Fresh violence hit Egypt Thursday, with Islamists going on the counterattack a day after a crackdown on supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi sparked clashes that killed hundreds and drew international censure.


[14:15] Pope Francis said on Thursday he was praying for the victims of the violence in Egypt that has left more than 500 people dead and appealed for "peace, dialogue and reconciliation."


[13:46] AFP: 525 killed in Egypt day of violence, health ministry says.


[13:41] Britain has summoned Egypt's ambassador to express its "deep concern" at the deadly violence in the country and urged the authorities to act with "the greatest restraint," the Foreign Office said on Thursday.


[13:30] MENA news agency: Firefighters control blaze at Egypt’s Finance Ministry.


[12:44] AFP: Germany summons Egypt ambassador over protest crackdown.


[12:40] Russia's Foreign Ministry on Thursday urged tourists to avoid trips to Egypt because of raging violence that has claimed more than 400 lives and spread to provinces outside the capital Cairo.


[12:35] Egyptian authorities have closed the Rafah border crossing with the Gaza Strip "indefinitely" for security reasons after a day of deadly violence nationwide, a security official told AFP on Thursday.


[12:29] Al-Hayat Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood plans to hold a rally in the afternoon in Cairo.


[12:27] French President Francois Hollande said Thursday that "everything must be done to avoid a civil war" in Egypt, after a crackdown by security forces on supporters of ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi left over 460 people dead.


[12:22] Alyoum al-Sabea: War planes, army reinforcements deployed to sensitive locations in Suez.


[12:12] Two youths walk past a partially burned Coptic Church in Minya. (AFP)


[11:57] European and US newspapers on Thursday condemned the crackdown on supporters of ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in Egypt, and urged Washington to act to push both sides towards reconciliation.


[11:53] AFP: At least 464 killed in Egypt violence.


[11:50] Sky News Arabia: Muslim Brotherhood supporters’ sit-ins disrupt rail transport across Egypt.


[11:45] Muslim Brotherhood spokesperson: Any country continuing to support ‘coup’ will be considered complicit with it.


[11:44] Health Ministry: Death toll for Egypt rises to 421


[11:41] Reuters: Muslim Brotherhood says it will bring down Egypt's 'military coup' peacefully.


[11:38] AFP: Egypt closes Rafah border crossing with Gaza indefinitely, security source says.


[11:30] Denmark announced Thursday it has suspended development aid to Egypt, in response to the "bloody events" sparked by a crackdown on the protest camps of supporters of the country's ousted Islamist president.


[11:20] The United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have separately voiced support for a deadly assault by Egypt's security forces on Islamist supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi, saying it was the state's duty to restore order.


[10:22] Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday called for an urgent UN Security Council meeting over Egypt's bloody crackdown on supporters of ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, which has left hundreds dead.


[10:15] AFP: At least 370 people killed in Egypt violence, ministry says.


[7:40] Egypt was under a tense state of emergency Thursday after security forces stormed the Cairo protest camps supporting ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, in a bloody assault that sparked violence across the country which officials said claimed 278 lives.


[00:00] An Egyptian man looks at corpses at a makeshift morgue. (AFP/Mosaab el-Shamy)



August 14, 2013


[23:15] AFP: Egypt security officials say calm returns nationwide.


[22:10] Forty-three policemen killed in Egypt violence, Interior Ministry says.


[21:49] Egyptian Interim Prime minister Hazem al-Beblawi praised police for their "self-restraint" on Wednesday and said the country remains committed to an army-drafted roadmap which calls for elections in 2014.



[21:32] US Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday urged Egypt's military to allow elections and for all sides to avoid further violence.


[20:51] France called Wednesday for "an immediate halt to the crackdown" in Egypt and urged the United Nations and its partners to take a joint stand, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said.


"France condemns most resolutely the bloody violence in Egypt and demands an immediate halt to the crackdown," Fabius said.


[20:45] AFP: Egypt security says in 'total control' of main protest camp.


[20:25] Egypt Health Ministry: 10 killed in Alexandria clashes.


[20:03] AFP: Egypt curfew enters into force.


[19:44] A supporter of Mohamed Morsi walks through debris in Cairo. (AFP/Mosaab el-Shamy) 





[19:42] Pro-Muslim Brotherhood protesters look at burning vehicle on Cairo’s Six October Bridge. (AFP/Khaled Kamel)



[19:27] AFP: Morsi loyalists given safe passage out of protest camp.


[19:18] Al-Arabiya: Reports say security forces seize control of Rabaa al-Adawiya Square.


[19:14] AFP: 149 dead in Egypt clashes.


[18:52] Al-Arabiya: Clashes continuing in number of Cairo areas.


[18:48] AFP: Egypt VP, Nobel laureate ElBaradei announces resignation.


[18:39] Egypt TV: Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers kill 4 policemen in Cairo police station.


[18:25] The United States on Wednesday strongly condemned Egyptian forces' bloody crackdown on protesters and denounced the imposition of a state of emergency.


[17:48] Nile TV: Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers attack Alexandria library.


[17:46] Egypt state TV: Gunfire exchange near Cairo University’s Faculty of Engineering in Giza.


[17:26] Al-Arabiya: Heavy gunfire in vicinity of Cairo's Tora Prison, sources say.


[17:25] A graphic video posted on YouTube by Sharif Kouddous shows corpses in the Rabaa medical center.



[16:54] An AFP picture from Cairo's Mustafa Mahmoud Square shows protesters overturning a police vehicle.


[16:50] Egypt declared a month-long state of emergency Wednesday as violence raged across the country following a crackdown on supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi.


[16:47] UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday condemned a police crackdown on protesters in Egypt that he said had left hundreds dead and injured.


[16:41] Clashes raged on Wednesday in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria as violence sparked by a bloody crackdown on Cairo protest camps in support of ousted president Mohamed Morsi spread across Egypt.


[16:27] European Union foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton on Wednesday urged "utmost restraint" from Egypt's security forces following a deadly crackdown on supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi.


[16:13] Jordan's opposition Islamists urged Egyptians to hold street protests to condemn Wednesday's deadly crackdown on demonstrators loyal to ousted president Mohamed Morsi.


[16:02] A video uploaded on YouTube by Elfagr Mubasher shows an Egyptian security force vehicle pushed off a bridge.


[16:01] Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Beltagy appears in public following reports of arrest.


[15:40] Reuters: Five people killed in Egyptian city Suez after Muslim Brotherhood supporters attempt to storm government buildings.


[15:36] Sky News Arabia confirms station cameraman killed in Cairo clashes.

[15:31] Al-Arabiya: Large number of Muslim Brotherhood supporters gather at Cairo suburb of 6th of October City, head toward Rabaa al-Adawiya Square.


[15:24] AFP: 124 dead in security crackdown on pro-Morsi protests.


[15:22] Al-Arabiya: Blast heard near Mostofa Mahmoud Square in Giza.


[15:20] Al-Arabiya: Nasr city police shoot in the air to disperse Muslim Brotherhood supporters.


[15:17] Reuters: Nine killed after clashes between Morsi supporters and police in Egypt’s Al-Fayoum.


[14:50] AFP: Britain condemns use of force in clearing Egypt protests.


[14:40] Turkey branded the deadly crackdown in Egypt on protesters loyal to ousted president Mohamed Morsi Wednesday as "unacceptable" and called on the international community to act immediately to halt the "massacre."


[14:37] Iran condemned what it called a "massacre" in Egypt as police moved on Wednesday to clear protests in Cairo by supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi, Fars news agency reported.


[14:33] Reuters: Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Beltagy arrested.


[14:30] AFP: Qatar 'strongly denounces' force against Egypt protesters.


[14:21] A picture posted on Twitter shows smoke rising from a Coptic Church that was attacked in the Egyptian city of Sohag south of Cairo.




[14:08] Al-Arabiya: Number of churches burned by Muslim Brotherhood supporters climbs to four.


[14:04] Al-Ahram: Muslim Brotherhood supporters torch Alexandria province’s headquarters.


[14:02] Al-Arabiya: June 30 Movement asks authorities to impose curfew immediately.


[13:51] A video uploaded Wednesday by ElWatan News shows the corpses of Muslim Brotherhood supporters in Cairo’s Al-Nahda Square.



[13:35] Al-Arabiya: Egyptian cabinet says measures were inevitable to confront "vandalism"


[13:33] Al-Arabiya: Egypt cabinet says will confront vandalistic attempts to assault police, public properties


[13:18] Egypt's Al-Azhar, Sunni Islam's main seat of learning, on Wednesday distanced itself from the crackdown on protesters loyal to ousted president Mohamed Morsi which left dozens dead.


[12:47] German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle urged supporters of Egypt's interim government and its ousted president Mohamed Morsi to renounce violence amid a deadly crackdown on protests Wednesday.


[12:40] Al-Arabiya: Egyptian security forces evacuate hundreds of employees from Qena Province municipal building. 


[12:25] Supporters of deposed Islamist president Mohamed Morsi torched three churches in central Egypt on Wednesday in reprisal attacks as police dispersed demonstrations in Cairo, reports said.


[12:17] Sources to Al-Arabiya: Security forces fire tear gas to disperse Muslim Brotherhood rally in eastern Alexandria.


[12:11] Reuters: Muslim Brotherhood supporters clash with police in the cities of Minya and Assiout.


[12:07] Heavy clashes erupted between Morsi supporters, security forces near Al-Nasr Road, state TV reports


[11:14] AFP: At least 43 dead as police clear pro-Morsi demos.


[10:57] Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood said at least 250 people were killed and over 5,000 injured Wednesday in a police crackdown on two major protest camps held by supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi.


[10:33] Egypt's Interior Ministry said security forces have "total control" over the smaller of two protest camps in an operation Wednesday to clear away supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi.


[9:46] AFP: Muslim Brotherhood says more than 100 dead in Cairo crackdown.


[9:12] AFP: 2 Egypt security force members killed at Cairo demos, Interior Ministry says.


 [7:45] Clashes erupted between supporters and opponents of Egypt's ousted president Mohamed Morsi, as tensions mounted ahead of a looming crackdown on pro-Morsi protest camps.


At least 10 people were also injured in the violence in Cairo's Giza neighborhood, security officials told AFP.


A pro-Morsi march had taken off from Nahda square -- site of one of two large sit-ins staged by Morsi loyalists -- to Faisal Street in Giza where residents began to pelt the marchers with rocks.


The clashes rapidly escalated with birdshot fired from both sides, security officials said, as residents of the Giza neighborhood smashed the shop front of a department store owned by Islamists.

Smoke rises over Cairo amid Wednesday's violence. (AFP/Khaled Desouki)