Gustav’s Innovative Yummy Pastry Creations

Image courtesy of NoGarlicNoOnions

A couple of months ago, I met an interesting man who recently opened a new kind of shop in Beirut solemnly based on passion. A passion, which has led him to the opening of a pastry shop offering desserts worth talking about. Intrigued, as I often am, I went down to Hamra to try Gustav and enjoy the passion poured in each piece served…


Nestled in the heart of Hamra, just a few meters away from The Crowne Plaza hotel, is a small boutique selling sweet innovations or as they call them “innovations sucrées”. New tastes, new ice creams and new flavors rarely seen before in Lebanon.


At Arabnet’s Taste of Beirut event, Mr. Khaled Kara introduced me to his concept by letting me taste some of his renowned creations. Pomegranate tart, chocolate tart and chocolate cake balls to name a few. Here, I knew that Gustav is not the street’s usual pastry shop. Gustav is a provider of fine pastry pieces that will caress your taste buds in style.


Inspired by the tree of life and blossoming colours, the team behind bakery Gustav have traveled the world to bring back some of the finest essences that make up its flavour. Gustav has also benefited from young patrons who are willing to try something new, like Gustav’s cake balls, which have a very dense and moist texture and are available in fun colors and interesting flavors such as red velvet with white chocolate, raspberry, mango and passion fruit, Belgian chocolate, chocolate with peanut butter, chocolate with caramel, carrot cake and blue velvet with blueberries.


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Image courtesy of NoGarlicNoOnions

New tastes, new ice creams and new flavors rarely seen before in Lebanon."