Live Coverage: Tripoli explosions

Twin blasts have left at least 42 people dead in front of two mosques

Tripoli smoke.
Al-Taqwa Mosque damage.
Al-Taqwa damage.
Tripoli map

Two explosions rocked the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli on Friday afternoon, leaving at least 42 people dead.


The explosions took place outside the Al-Taqwa Mosque in the city's Al-Zahiriya area and the Al-Salam Mosque in the Al-Mina neighborhood.


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[22:08] French President Francois Hollande on Friday strongly condemned the "odious, cowardly attacks" that killed 42 people in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli.


[21:17] Change and Reform bloc leader MP Michel Aoun on Friday said the assailants who planted the bombs in Tripoli earlier in the day were behind the blast in the Beirut area of Dahiyeh last week.


[21:00] NOW: Calm prevails in Tripoli, no gunmen on the streets.


[20:20] Grand Mufti Sheikh of the Lebanese Republic Mohammad Rashid Qabbani condemned on Friday the explosions that targeted two mosques in the city of Tripoli and said that they aimed at causing Sunni-Shiite strife.


[19:12] EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton on Friday said she was "appalled" by the attacks in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli and called for a swift investigation.


[18:45] Reports say militia commanders in Tripoli’s Bab al-Tebbaneh to meet following evening prayers.


[18:40] Reuters: Tripoli death toll rises to 42.


[18:20] LBC: President Michel Suleiman cuts short visit abroad, to meet with security officials Saturday.


[18:18] Footage from a CCTV camera broadcast on LBC shows the moment the explosion hit the Al-Salam Mosque. 



[18:10] Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea called for finding an efficient way to exit the infernal circle that is targeting Lebanon.


[17:50] Prime Minister-designate Tammam Salam condemned on Friday the twin explosions that targeted the northern city of Tripoli and said that they are an indicator that the situation in Lebanon has reached a very dangerous level.


[17:40] Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt said on Friday that Israel was the primary beneficiary of the explosions that targeted the city of Tripoli as well as those that targeted the Beirut area of Dahiyeh.


[17:36] President Michel Suleiman condemned the twin explosions that targeted the northern city of Tripoli and called on military and security agencies to deploy all their efforts to apprehend the assailants.


[17:23] Caretaker Interior Minister Marwan Charbel says bomb outside Al-Salam Mosque weighed 100 kilograms.


[17:08] A prominent official in Tripoli revealed on Friday that the explosion that targeted the Al-Salam Mosque in Tripoli slightly injured former Internal Security Forces commander General Ashraf Rifi, who was inside his house near the site of the attack the moment the blast occurred.


[17:03] Red Cross says 29 killed and over 500 wounded in Tripoli blasts. 


[17:02] Hezbollah condemned the explosions that targeted the northern city of Tripoli on Friday and voiced its solidarity with the city’s residents.


[16:57] A video shows scenes of chaos outside the Al-Taqwa Mosque following Friday's explosion.




[16:40] A map shows where the two mosques targeted in Friday's explosion are located in Tripoli in relation to the city's Rashid Karami International Fair Complex.


[16:32] Lebanese Speaker Nabih Berri said on Friday that the same assailants are behind the explosions that targeted the Sunni-populated city of Tripoli and those that targeted the Shiite-populated area of Dahiyeh in Beirut.


[16:27] Former Internal Security Forces commander General Ashraf Rifi commented on Friday on the explosions that targeted the city of Tripoli and warned that the upcoming events will be even more dangerous.


[16:22] Lebanese army calls on Tripoli residents to cooperate with measures taken by security forces.


[16:18] Hezbollah voices solidarity with Tripoli residents “in these tragic moments."


[16:12] Lebanese citizens stand in front of a severely damaged building as they gather outside al-Salam mosque. (AFP)



[16:01] VDL (100.5): Designate-Prime Minister Tammam Salam cuts short hit visit abroad.


[15:59] Future Movement leader MP Saad Hariri condemned on Friday the explosions that targeted earlier in the day the northern city of Tripoli.


[15:53] MTV: Suspicious hand bag found inside BMW near As-Salam Mosque explosion in Tripoli.


[15:48] Lebanese Health Ministry: 27 killed, 358 injured in Tripoli blasts.


[15:46] Smoke rises outside the Al-Taqwa Mosque. 



[15:40] Maronite Patriarch calls on residents of Tripoli to show restraint, avoid use of violence and weapons.


[15:05] LBC: Heavy gunfire heard in Tripoli following explosions


[15:02] Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Miqati condemned on Friday the twin explosions that targeted the northern city of Tripoli, and said that it aimed at inciting the residents of the city.

[14:59] AFP: At least 19 dead, 35 wounded in blasts in Lebanon's Tripoli.


[14:47] Al-Arabiya: 12 killed in Al-Taqwa Mosque blast.


[14:45] British Ambassador to Lebanon urges support for “emergency response” after Tripoli attack.


[14:38] Future TV: Tripoli’s death toll rises to 10.


[14:32] VDL (93.3): Gunmen roam Tripoli’s streets, ISF deploys amid gunfire.


[14:31] Caretaker Finance Minister Mohammad Safadi urges restraint following Tripoli bomb attacks.


[14:25] Salafist source to NOW: Explosions targeted mosques attended by Salafist clerics.


[14:23] Reuters: At least seven killed in Tripoli’s twin bomb attack.


[14:21] Sunni cleric Salem al-Rafei unhurt in Tripoli explosion, sources tell NOW.


[14:19] Al-Arabiya: At least four were killed and 40 injured in Tripoli’s attacks.


[14:18] LBC: ISF General Ahsraf Rifi was not hurt in Tripoli’s bombing attacks.


[14:15] VDL (93.3): Fifteen injured people were admitted to Tripoli hospital.


[14:08] Future TV: Many casualties arriving at Tripoli’s Islamic hospital.


[14:05] Future TV: Second explosion in Tripoli targeted Al-Salam Mosque in Al-Mina.


[14:01] NOW: Sunni cleric Salem al-Rafei was attending Friday prayers at targeted Al-Taqwa mosque.

[14:00] VDL (100.5): Caretaker PM Najib Miqati was not present in Tripoli when explosions occured.


[13:58] Future TV: Second explosion hit Tripoli’s Al-Zahiriya area.


[13:54] MTV: Wounded reported in the explosion that took place near caretaker PM Najib Mikati’s residence.


[13:50] NNA: Second explosion heard in Tripoli, smoke covering city’s sky.


[13:40] LBC: Several casualties reported in Tripoli explosion near Al-Taqwa Mosque.


[13:37] LBC: Sound of massive explosion heard in Lebanon’s Tripoli.

Smoke rises over Tripoli following the blast outside the Al-Taqwa Mosque.