Nadim Gemayel convoy involved
in Ashrafieh scuffle

Kateb bloc MP Nadim Gemayel said on Friday night that his convoy was attacked in the Beirut area of Ashrafieh by activists protesting against the extension of the parliament’s term, while the activists said the MPs bodyguards harassed them.


Gemayel told Future TV that the protesters attacked his convoy with batons, stones and tomatoes.


“One of the security guards was injured in the head by a stone and all the convoy’s vehicles were damaged,” Gemayel said.


Gemayel also said that the security forces "arrived to the scene as soon as they were informed of it and [kept] the attackers [away].


However, the Nasawiya civil rights organization said that Gemayel’s chauffeur tried to prevent the members of the feminist group from photographing an event they were holding, “because the MP’s car showed in the photographs.”


“Gemayel’s bodyguards assaulted and beat the Nasawiya members after they rejected to stop the shooting,” the statement issued by Nasawiya read.


“The quarrel began verbal, but then one of [Gemayel’s] bodyguards raised a weapon against the event’s organizers,” it added.


In May, Lebanon’s parliament extended its mandate until November 2014 with a bill that was signed by 97 lawmakers in a move to postpone the country’s parliamentary elections. 


The move was followed by several protests near the parliament, during which activists pelted MPs’ cars with tomatoes.

One of the security guards was injured in the head by a stone.

  • btanios

    NOW, you are forwarding a what seems clearly to be a lie from the PR of this ex-MP. Here what appears to be a more honest version, where it appears that his private security militia was the one assaulting peaceful civilians: http://ginosblog.com/2013/06/29/what-really-happened-with-nadim-gemayel-last-night/ and: https://www.facebook.com/nasawiya

    June 29, 2013