Beqaa roadside bomb
targets Hezbollah SUV

GMC targeted by Tuesday

A roadside bomb on Tuesday struck a GMC sports utility vehicle that was part of a Hezbollah convoy traveling on the Majdel Anjar-Masnaa highway in the Beqaa valley in the latest attack against the Shiite party.


NOW reporter Mahmoud Choker said that armed men opened fire on the targeted vehicle that was part of a Hezbollah convoy after the IED detonated, injuring two passengers identified as Fadi Abdel Karim, Hussein Bdeir as well as a member of the powerful Shiite Jaafar clan.


The correspondent added that Hezbollah members cordoned off the area following the incident, and transferred the wounded from Shtoura Hospital to another hospital in Baalbek.


He also reported that although no high-ranking officials from the Shiite party were present in the convoy.


Meanwhile, Lebanon's state National News Agency reported that the license plate carried by the SUV (259431/B) is registered for another vehicle, identified as a white Peugeot.


The NNA also said that two men identified as Hussein Ali Deir and Fadi Abdel Karim had been injured by the explosion.


Tuesday’s IED attack is the latest in a string of bombings that have hit the Beqaa Valley.


On July 7, twin roadside bombs, detonated minutes apart, wounded a woman and two soldiers in Hermel, while on June 28 two blasts targeted a Hezbollah convoy comprised of three SUVs on the highway near Zahleh. Also, on June 10 a roadside bomb exploded near a van and BMW on the Taanayel road in the Beqaa.

The GMC targeted by Tuesday's attack.

LBC television said that Lebanese Armed Forces troops cordoned off the site of the blast, adding that the IED was detonated remotely.