Al-Arabiya: Hezbollah fighters
killed in ambush outside Damascus

A dozen Hezbollah fighters were killed and over 20 injured, some of them gravely, in an ambush Monday in Sayyida Zainab outside Damascus, Al-Arabiya reported Tuesday.


The station cited sources as saying a number of the wounded were transferred to the Rasul al-Azam Hospital in southern Beirut’s Dahiyeh suburb.


Al-Arabiya’s report added that when Hezbollah official Sheikh Mohammad Yazbeck was offering condolences to a family of one of the deceased, the dead fighter’s mother asked him, “You told us your battle is with Israel. Why did you send our children to die in Syria?”


AFP reported on Monday that two Hezbollah members were killed while fighting alongside Syrian government forces in the Al-Qusayr area near the border with Lebanon in the Homs province.


"Two members of Hezbollah who went to Syria to fight against armed groups in the Al-Qusayr sector have been killed," a source close to the Shiite party told the news agency.


The Shiite shrine of Sayyida Zainab outside the Syrian capital has been guarded by the Abu al-Fadl Abbas Brigade as rebels have pressed an offensive in the area.


Media reports have said that Shiite fighters, including Hezbollah members, have deployed around the mosque in the Shiite-populated quarter outside Damascus to defend it from Sunni rebels.


Hezbollah fighters have reportedly also deployed in the Homs province along the border with Lebanon, sparking anger from Syrian rebels who accuse the party of fighting alongside the regime.


Hezbollah has acknowledged that its members living in Syrian villages on the border with Lebanon have taken part in battles against "armed groups" in self-defense. However, it refuses to discuss allegations by Syrian rebels that it has sent fighters from Lebanon to bolster the forces of its ally, Syria's President Bashar al-Assad.

Why did you send our children to die in Syria?