Aoun, Jumblatt discuss
Arsal clashes

LAF troops outside Arsal, in the eastern Beqaa. (AFP PHOTO)

BEIRUT - Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt met with Change and Reform bloc leader MP Michel Aoun at his residence in Rabieh on Wednesday, to discuss the latest developments in Arsal.

“Both parties stressed the importance of supporting the Lebanese army, without any conditions, explanations, or  interpretations that could disrupt a supportive atmosphere for the military,” read a joint statement released by the PSP and the FPM.

Jumblatt and Aoun also called for “activating the constitutional institutions, and expediting the presidential elections.”

They also discussed bilateral ties, and voiced the need for cooperation between their parties.

Fighting between the Army and Islamic militants in the Beqaa town of Arsal has left 14 soldiers dead. Clashes erupted Saturday after the LAF arrested Al-Nusra Front commander Imad Jumaa.

The violence comes amid renewed fighting in the Qalamoun border region, where Hezbollah fighters and Syrian regime forces are locked in a fierce battle with rebels.

LAF troops outside Arsal, in the eastern Beqaa. (AFP PHOTO)