Future MP challenges Kabbara’s
controversial Arsal stance

BEIRUT – Future bloc MP Samir al-Jisr indirectly challenged fellow party member Mohammad Kabbara’s controversial Sunday stance on Arsal, saying that certain “statements must be avoided” and adding that only Saad Hariri represents the Future Movement’s official line.


“Perhaps there were too many recommendations [by Tripoli MPs], and this is what I meant when I said that such statements must be avoided,” Jisr said following the Parliamentary National Defense and Interior Committee’s Monday meeting.


The parliamentarian added that “the Future [Movement]’s stance is only expressed by party leader MP Saad Hariri. I personally cannot express the party’s stance, and I believe we all abide by this.”


Kabbara claimed on Sunday that the developments in the Beqaa town of Arsal, where the Lebanese Armed Forces are clashing with Syrian Islamists, are meant to “subjugate” the Sunnis.


Fighting between Islamic militants and the LAF entered its third day in the Beqaa town of Arsal, with some Syrian fighters remaining in the town as others withdrew to the surrounding hills.


At least 14 soldiers were killed, along with an unknown number of civilians, in clashes that erupted Saturday after the arrest of Al-Nusra Front commander Imad Jumaa.


The clashes come amid renewed fighting in the Qalamoun border region, where Hezbollah fighters and Syrian regime forces are locked in a fierce battle with rebels.

The Future [Movement]’s stance is only expressed by party leader MP Saad Hariri.