March 14 sends letter to
Ban Ki-moon on Gaza

BEIRUT - Future bloc leader MP Fouad Siniora sent a letter on Thursday to United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on behalf of the March 14 coalition denouncing Israeli aggression on Gaza.


“You must undoubtedly know that failing to execute international resolutions regarding the Palestinian cause and to safeguard human rights, especially Palestinians', will augment despair in Gaza and spread more extremism, hence widening the circle of violence and instability in more than one region in the world,” the letter read.

The March 14 group also called for a quick ceasefire and blamed the international community for failing to find a solution to this issue.


On Wednesday, UN chief Ban Ki-moon reiterated his call for Israel and Hamas to end the violence in Gaza, where bloodshed has cost more than 700 lives.


The conflict has so far claimed the lives of at least 718 Palestinians and more than 30 Israelis.


Ban also said an Egyptian truce proposal that was accepted by Israel and rejected by Hamas  was "very good."