Jumblatt, Miqati bid
Suleiman farewell

BEIRUT – Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt and former Prime Minister Najib Miqati bid farewell to outgoing President Michel Suleiman at the latter’s residence in Mount Lebanon’s Amchit.


“Suleiman is loved [by all], and he has been an exceptional president,” Jumblatt said on Sunday.


“Our visit expresses our loyalty to President Michel Suleiman for all the [efforts] he has exerted during his mandate,” Miqati noted.


On Saturday, Suleiman gave his final speech as president, proposing a number of amendments to the constitution to increase the powers of the president and place additional conditions on the premier and the cabinet.


Suleiman’s term ended Sunday amid fierce political deadlock, as the country’s political rivals have failed to elect a successor. With Lebanon’s top political post vacant, there is concern that a power vacuum will emerge.

Suleiman is loved by all, and he has been an exceptional president.