Live Coverage: Deadly car
bombing rocks Beqaa

Nabi Othman car bomb.

BEIRUT - A car bomb ripped through the eastern Beqaa town of Nabi Othman late Sunday evening, killing at least four people.


Lebanon’s state National News Agency reported that bomber detonated his explosive-laden car when a group of men approached and ordered him to stop on the Nabi Othman-Al-Ain road.


A Hezbollah official, identified by the Islamic Resistance in Sidon website as Abdul Rahman al-Qadi, was killed by the blast. 


The NNA identified the other three killed as Kh. Khalil, W. Nazha and A. H. Nazha.


Al-Nusra Front in Lebanon claimed responsibility for the bombing on Twitter, writing in a statement that the explosion was a "swift response to the swaggering and ranting of Iran’s party [Hezbollah] about its rape of the city of Yabrud."


Syrian regime troops backed by Hezbollah fighters earlier on Sunday captured the strategic town of Yabrud east of Nabi Othman in Syria's Qalamoun region.


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[23:28] Armed Hezbollah and Amal members have deployed at Dahiyeh’s entrances in southern Beirut in preparation for any possible developments in the coming hours. Army reinforcements have also deployed at all Dahiyeh’s entrances, NOW’s correspondent Tareq Abou Zeinab reported.


[23:14] Al-Nusra Front in Lebanon warns that the Free Sunnis Baalbek group that earlier claimed responsibility for Sunday’s attack, “is nothing but an intelligence service’s account.”


[23:07] Interior Minister Nohad Mashnouq says bombings are contemptible and criminal whoever the perpetrators are, adding that organizations such as Al-Nusra Front have no function except terrorism.


 [22:50] An-Nahar reports Abdul Rahman al-Qadi was a Hezbollah official in Al-Ain


[22:47] Al-Nusra Front in Lebanon claimed responsibility for Sunday’s suicide bombing. Their statement said:


“Verily, Almighty God empowered your jihadist brethren in Jabhat al-Nusra in Lebanon to reply swiftly to the swaggering and ranting of Iran’s party about its rape of the city of Yabrud.


A blessed martyr operation [was carried out] in the area of Nabi Othman, one of the dens of that cursed party.


We promise you, before God almighty to work diligently to [prevent that party’s] tongue from singing about that humiliating rape.”


[22:44] NOW’s correspondent in Sidon Tareq Abou Zeinab reports that members of Hezbollah and its auxiliary Resistance Brigades are on alert in Sidon.


[22:37] MTV reports two Hezbollah members died in the Nabi Othman bombing.


[22:36] Islamic Resistance in Sidon website reports the Hezbollah commander and official Abdul Rahman al-Qadi died in the Beqaa explosion.



[22:29] Lebanon’s state National News Agency reports that four people, identified as A. Al-Qadi, Kh. Khalil, W. Nazha and A. H. Nazha, were killed in the blast.


The report added that the bomber was driving at a noticeable speed on the Nabi Othman - Al-Ain road which caused a number of youths to suspect him. The youths proceeded to pursue the driver and when they ordered him to stop he detonated the car he was driving.


[22:23] Red Cross says two dead, six injured in Nabi Othman blast.


[22:20] LBC reports the driver detonated the explosives while being pursued two people from Al-Ain


[22:17] Voice of Lebanon (93.3) radio reports car bomb was a Jeep Cherokee driven by a suicide bomber at Nabi Othman junction near Baalbek, adding that two people were killed and five injured. 


[22:16] Al-Manar reports two people killed in Nabi Othman explosion.

Nabi Othman car bomb.

Hezbollah's Al-Manar television reported that the blast was detonated by a suicide bomber.