Suleiman: No type of weaponry
forbidden for LAF

BEIRUT - President Michel Suleiman said that the $3 billion military grant given to Lebanon by Saudi Arabia is not limited to a certain class of weaponry and expressed his hope that parliament would convene soon to decide on a suitable program for use of the money.


“Our aim is for the army to be strong and to arm it with new and developed weaponry,” Suleiman said in a press conference at the international forces center in Tyre Wednesday.


“No one should tell us that some weapons are forbidden for us as nothing is forbidden for us.”


He also said that the army is studying what type of weapons to purchase with the Saudi grant and expressed his hope that “parliament will convene soon and pass the law for the [armament] program so the army can be [supplied with weaponry.]”


Suleiman added that he had worked to allow the Lebanese army to do its full duty with the support of “the resistance” when “[the army] needs that.”


Late last year Saudi Arabia made a landmark $3 billion military grant to Lebanon to purchase weapons from France.


Some commentators have viewed the grant as a Saudi attempt to cast control over the LAF and allow it to stand up to the Shiite group Hezbollah.

No one should tell us that some weapons are forbidden for us as nothing is forbidden for us.

  • Hanibaal-Atheos

    "...a suitable program for use of the money.": 1- Build a castle for Sleiman in Amchit. 2- Build a superhighway from Beirut across the wilderness of Jurd Jbayl and straight to the Sleiman Castle. 3- Endow the Sleiman family with $100 million from the Saudi arms grant in recognition of Sleiman's services to the country as a Syrian collaborator and stooge. 4- Endow an elections campaign fund of $50 million for Mr. Sleiman with which to run for Parliament and for his children to build the political farm from which to launch their own stellar careers. 5- Vote for a salary raise to all political elected officials and their appointees. 6- Stash 25% of the grant in Swiss bank accounts for Sleiman, Berri, Salam, Jumblatt, Bassil, and others who have so served their country, just in case a new and improved Lebanese civil war, ignited by the Syrian civil war, pushes them as poor refugees out of the country. After all, we need to preserve the dignity and honor of the country by making sure that its politicians live in luxury in foreign capitals when hell breaks loose over the heads of the ordinary Lebanese. Beyond that, purchase used defective arms from third grade arms dealers on the black market for the Lebanese army; after all, the Lebanese army is like a glorified police force. It doesn't really fight outsiders; it only fights those local gangsters that happen to be of a different sect than the ruling sect. So, it doesn't really need good weapons. Pragmatism is the key word in how to spend all this money.

    March 13, 2014