Lebanon lodges complaint
with UN over Israel raid

BEIRUT - Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil asked Lebanon’s permanent representative at the United Nations Nawwaf Salam to lodge a complaint against Israel for carrying out two airstrikes on the area of Janta in East Lebanon on Monday.


Bassil condemned Israel for attacking Lebanon and breaching UN Security Council Resolution 1701, the National News Agency reported on Thursday.


The Foreign Minister called on the UN to “enforce observance of resolution [1701].”


Israeli warplanes reportedly struck a position belonging to the Hezbollah in eastern Lebanon on Monday.


Israel has not acknowledged the raid, but officials have confirmed a general policy of interdicting suspected arms deliveries from Syria to Hezbollah.

Bassil condemned Israel for attacking Lebanon and breaching UN resolution 1701.

  • Hanibaal-Atheos

    Will Minister Bassil also complain at the UN about Hezbollah's violation of Lebanese state sovereignty and UN Resolution 1701 by the illegal transfer of weapons and terrorists across the Syrian-Lebanese border? Or is he, like all his traitor and hypocritical predecessors since the 1970s, allow illegal non-state actors like Hezbollah, the PLO, PFLP, and other assorted terror groups, to violate Lebanese state sovereignty, invite Israeli retaliations, then complain at the UN about the latter, but not the former? Until when are the stupid Lebanese going to play the village idiots of the Arab world by taking all the blows of the Israeli-Arab conflict while their Arab brothers sit on the bleachers cheering the stupid Lebanese but never joining the deadly game themselves? My answer is that Bassil is a stooge of Hezbollah and will continue to play the stupid deadly game, and Lebanon wil continue to suffer the consequences. So much for his "reform and change" which has turned out, along with his demented father-in-law's antics, a false and failed promise.

    February 27, 2014