Suleiman: My farewell speech
is being prepared

BEIRUT - President Michel Suleiman expressed hope that his successor will be instated according to the constitutional deadline in late May and be able to guarantee the preservation of democratic practices in Lebanon.


“My aim is to be able to give my farewell speech at the Baabda Presidential Palace. I have given instructions to begin the preparations for the speech,” Suleiman said in an interview published in the General Security’s Al-Amen al-Aam Magazine on Tuesday.


“Those who are considering disrupting the quorum of the [election] session are mistaken, because that means that they will be disrupting the election, which is an undemocratic act.”


The president also said that the presidency will endure and that the end of his mandate should not be an obstacle that would undermine the role of the top office.


Suleiman has repeatedly voiced the urgency of forming a government ahead of the constitutionally-mandated start of the March 25 parliamentary preparations for the presidential elections.


Fears have risen that Lebanon's political deadlock, which has seen the parliament extend its own term while no cabinet has been formed 10 months after Prime Minister Najib Miqati's resignation, will extend to the presidency and will lead to a vacancy in the post when Suleiman's term ends on May 25.

Those who are considering disrupting the quorum of the [election] session are mistaken.

  • Patriot60

    Nice try but he would welcome the role of a "salvation candidacy" and chances are excellent that his term will be extended--notwithstanding his many reservations. It sounds that he would gladly accept an additional 3-years in office and, need we remind ourselves, many written speeches were either not delivered or simply postponed. The fact is that he has been saying way too often that he no longer wants the job, which simply confirms that, in truth, he wants it.

    February 4, 2014