Hezbollah ready to react to
fait accompli cabinet

BEIRUT - The formation of a fait accompli cabinet is likely to prompt a violent reaction from the Shiite group Hezbollah and its March 8 allies, Al-Akhbar newspaper reported.


“The plan of [Saudi Intelligence chief Prince] Bandar bin Sultan is to form a fait accompli cabinet to drag [Hezbollah] into a confrontation in the streets,” March 8 sources said in remarks published by the Beirut daily on Monday.


“[The plan is prompted by] the illusion that Hezbollah will be forced into withdrawing from Syria to gather its [forces] to respond to internal security pressure.”


“They do not know that the party is prepared to confront the security challenges if it is faced with such challenges on more than one front.”


The sources added that the decision to from a fait accompli government was part of “the war waged by Saudi Arabia” in the Middle East.


“Forming such a government will be another nail in the coffin of the Taif Accord.”


The Taif Accord brought a negotiated end to Lebanon’s civil war in 1989.


The sources also casted doubt over the possibility of success of a fait accompli government, which had been reportedly advocated by President Michel Suleiman and Prime Minister-designate Tammam Salam.


“How are Suleiman and Salam, as well as the March 14 group, expecting such a government, which is rejected by more than half of the Lebanese population, to rule?”


The sources also said that such a fait accompli government will be prevented from exercising power by any means “even if it meant storming the Grand Serail.”


The daily also quoted sources close to the Progressive Socialist Party as saying that the party leader MP Walid Jumblatt had informed Speaker Nabih Berri that he will not provide parliamentary confidence to any fait accompli government that is not backed by Berri and Hezbollah.


Reports have emerged that Lebanon’s president will green-light a neutral cabinet against March 8’s wishes.


Lebanon’s constitution stipulates that the president and premier-designate can sign decrees approving a government, but the parliament holds final sway on its activation with a vote of confidence.

Even if a new cabinet did not receive a vote of confidence, it would replace Najib Miqati’s current resigned government as the caretaker cabinet.


Last week, Suleiman voiced the urgency of forming a government ahead of the constitutionally-mandated start of the March 25 parliamentary preparations for the presidential elections.


He also hinted that he would support a neutral cabinet, which March 8 parties reject, asking, “why is it said that a political cabinet is an inclusive one?”

They do not know that the party is prepared to confront the security challenges if it is faced with such challenges on more than one front.

  • NotSure1

    I was very impressed with march8 intelligence and analysis. It is true that the fait accompli may prompt for violent reaction. It may lead into confrontation in the streets IF Hezbollah still insists on carrying weapons alongside with the LAF. We know that they will not withdraw from Syria, because if Bashar is gone, they are destroyed also. We are aware that if Hezbollah is ready to confront Israel, it is ready and prepared to challenge anyone even the Lebanese forces. Everything is true except one thing; forming such a government is NOT another Nail in the coffin of the Taif accord. Hezbollah is not aware that in that coffin, they used SCREWS not NAILS and the screw driver was not given to any sect. only the LAF has the screw driver to remove and SCREW. They may be right that more than half the Lebanese population reject such a government but trust me more than half the world doesn’t want to deal with a government joined by Hezbollah. They are the ones living in an illusion and thinking they are the government. They forgot if they confront the LAF they are confronting a government and they will be called rebels and terrorists. Karma. And even if they storm the Grand Serail, the world is on our side and will only deal only with the Lebanese government and for the good of the LAF and the government.

    December 31, 2013

  • Beiruti

    This is very revealing. Hezbollah would treat the Lebanese government that makes a decision contrary to Hezbollah's wishes as an enemy to be militarily "resisted" like the Opposition in Syria. All that we have said about these people is quite true. Their "resistance " weapons are not to be used against Israel, but against fellow Lebanese in Lebanon and Arabs in Syria. This is a very uncivilized movement, unfortunately, to end this treat to Lebanon, the Lebanese must become more so in order to defeat them and rid the country of their influence once and for all. Bas.

    December 31, 2013

  • Hanibaal-Atheos

    Yalla, another civil war is simmering on the stove. I suggest the Lebanese people learn from their former civil wars and take the following actions: 1- move into a neighborhood of your own sect (i.e. Christian to Christian neighborhoods, etc.); 2- buy a Kalashnikov or an M-16; 3- Prepare a second place to escape to when the shelling becomes unbearable (like a mountain or village house); 4- Start making friends with the local teenage hoodlums and gangsters because they will be the rulers of the streets; 5- Stock up on canned food, gasoline, batteries, etc because shortages will be a regular occurrence, you may want to have a power generator ready if you don't already have one; 6- Move all your precious valuables to a safe location because the local gangsters who will be "defending" you will also rob you; 7- If you have a second citizenship or have relatives abroad, start your application process at the embassies and consulates with the goal of emigrating; 8- Make sure you have a good car, and reinforce its glass against sniper fire and bomb shrapnel; 9- Install cement barriers in front of your house to prevent would be car or suicide bombs from getting near your house; 10- Learn and memorize the basic Sunni, Shiite and Christian prayers because you may need to recite them at a roadblock to prove (falsely obviously) that you are of the same sect as the gangsters manning the roadblock; 11- For men, grow a beard and let your hair grow long to look fierce, and for women, prepare a bunch of assorted veils that will allow you to blend in unnoticed in any sectarian environment you might find yourself. There are many more suggestions, but these are the basic ones. Good luck.

    December 30, 2013