Lebanon snow storm leaves
2 dead, 14 injured

"Alexa" snow storm in Lebanon (NOW)

BEIRUT – Two people have died and 14 others were injured due to the snow storm, also known as “Alexa”, which is passing through Lebanon.


“Two people have been killed so far due to the ‘Alexa’ storm in the southern city of Sidon and a family who was trapped in the snow in Akkar was evacuated,” Red Cross Secretary General George Kettani said on Wednesday.


Kettani also said earlier in the day that nine car accidents took place on the northern coastal line which left 14 people injured.


Meanwhile, the National News Agency reported that the heights of the Aley area and Metn district are witnessing heavy snowfall.


There is also a steep decrease in temperature in these regions which has reached zero degrees Celsius and below.


Snow began to fall heavily at 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday night in different areas of Akkar’s Al-Doniyeh, where the altitude is 500 meters and above.


A winter storm began Wednesday in Lebanon with snow blanketing the Beqaa and mountain areas as frigid temperatures settled over the country, while harsher weather is expected in the coming days.

"Alexa" snow storm in Lebanon. (NOW)

Nine car accidents took place on the northern coastal line.