Nasrallah links Saudi Arabia
to Iran embassy attack

Nasrallah. (AFP/Al-Manar)

BEIRUT - Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on Tuesday linked Saudi Arabia to the November 19 bombings that targeted the Iranian embassy in Beirut.


“We believe the Abdallah Azzam Brigades’ claim of responsibility for the attack, and it is my belief they are under the administration of Saudi intelligence,” he told OTV in an interview.


Nasrallah also purported a Saudi motive in the attack, saying that Riyadh “holds Iran responsible for the failure of its projects in the region.”


The Al-Qaeda-linked Abdullah Azzam Brigades claimed responsibility for twin suicide bombings outside the Iranian embassy hours after the attack and warned it would strike again in Lebanon.


Saudi Arabia denounced the bombings that left 23 people dead outside the Iranian embassy, while pro-Hezbollah newspaper Al-Akbhar on November 20 blamed Riyadh for the attack.


The bombing came days after the Syrian regime and Hezbollah troops launched an offensive against rebels in Syria’s mountainous Qalamoun region along the Lebanese border.


The fighting sparked a mass exodus of Syrian refugees into Lebanon’s Beqaa and raised fears of a spillover of fighting into Lebanon.


However, Nasrallah insisted in his interview with OTV that his party was safeguarding the country from terror attacks originating in Qalamoun.


“If militants take control of border areas with Lebanon, we would be prone to dozens of car bomb attacks.”


The Hezbollah chief alleged that “three car bombs were found in [Qalamoun’s] Nabak that were rigged to be sent to Lebanon.”


He also said that “the car bombs that exploded in Lebanon came into the country from [Qalamoun’s] Yabrud and Nabak through [the northern Beqaa’s] Arsal and its outskirts.”


“If Hezbollah did not fight in Syria, there would have been a civil war in Lebanon and hundreds of car bombs,” Nasrallah added.


However, he told OTV that his Shiite party had a “minimal” role in the fighting in the Qalamoun region, adding that the regime was bearing the brunt of the fighting.


Nasrallah also hailed the interim nuclear deal reached between Iran and the P5+1 world powers in Geneva on November 24.


He said the “region’s people are the biggest winners from the deal” because it forestalls any military action against Iran.


“Israel cannot possibly bomb nuclear facilities without a US green light.”


The Hezbollah chief delved into the regional ramifications of the deal, saying that “it is too early for Iran to head toward normalization with the US.”


“I have information that the US wanted to discuss non-nuclear issues with Iran, but Iran insisted the talks would remain just on the nuclear issue.”


Nasrallah added that Iran has been trying to reassure Gulf countries the deal was not struck at their expense, but said that Saudi Arabia has maintained its animosity toward Tehran.


“Saudi Arabia treated Iran as its enemy. The Saudis have proxy wars with Iran inside Iran, in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Pakistan.”


Nasrallah did strike a positive note regarding his Shiite party’s ties with Qatar, saying that he met with a delegation from Doha.


“Qatar took a good initiative concerning the [Lebanese Shiite] pilgrims abducted [in Syria]. This initiative reopened the doors between us. A link has always been there between us and Qatar.”


Eleven Shiite men were abducted by rebel fighters in northern Syria in May 2012 as they were returning from a pilgrimage to a Shiite sacred site in Iran along with female relatives.


Two men were subsequently freed and the nine others returned home in mid-October thanks to a deal mediated by Qatar and Turkey, which also led to the freedom of two Turkish pilots who had been seized in Beirut in August in a tit-for-tat abduction.

An image grab from Al-Manar shows Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah speaking in an interview on OTV. (AFP/Al-Manar)

If militants take control of border areas with Lebanon, we would be prone to dozens of car bomb attacks.

  • HaKohenGadol

    What a load of crap. Oh poor Iran. The victim if victims. They did not flex their muscles in Lebanon. Gaza. Yemen. Bahrain. Kuwait. Iraq. They are just a peace loving people who send flowers to non-state militias for them to shower their adversaries with petals of spring bloom. Hasoon should read the deals of the agreement with Iran concerning the nuclear file and see exactly how much Iran gave up so chicken can be on the menu again for the average Hussain. This guy can take elephant dung and make it sound like braised lamb and baby potatoes that his followers will gobble up wholeheartedly and ask for seconds. Notice how He catered this speech for a christian audience since OTV is broadcasting it.... As usual, amazing hypocrisy. He blames M14 to be the puppet of KSA while it is him who is the employee of Iran... He drags our country to war inviting takfiris in, then says that he is saving lebanon from Takfiris But i got to hand it to him. He sounds so convincing that I got convinced there for a moment before i remembered who he was. Now that the assadists are winning in syria, he wants to pretend that he is friend with everybody... even the turks... LMFAO This guy has become comical, how embarrassing for the Lebanese to have this guy on TV allegedly speaking for them, good entertainment value though!!!

    December 4, 2013