Sami Gemayel: USJ clash newest
episode of Hezbollah provocations

BEIRUT – Lebanon’s Kataeb Party MP Sami Gemayel said that Moday's clash between pro-Hezbollah and pro-March 14 students at Saint Joseph University was "the most recent in a succession of provocations by Hezbollah."


“What happened is a new episode in a series of provocations by Hezbollah,” Gemayel said in a press conference on Monday.


He also said that Hezbollah’s intention was “to cause a clash; they issued threats and used sectarian speech that targeted all of the university’s students.”


“Security forces did not step in during three hours of tension and verbal disputes. It was only when a huge clash was about to take place that the Lebanese Armed Forces intervened and dispersed the students."


The Kataeb lawmaker added: “We have warned several times that we will not keep our mouths shut, why do they insist on [testing our patience]?”


Gemayel then addressed Hezbollah’s leadership, asking: “Why do you plant hatred in the hearts of your supporters?”


A dispute erupted between pro-Hezbollah and pro-March 14 students at the Saint Joseph University’s [USJ] Huvelin campus in Beirut on Monday.


The dispute began when Hezbollah supporters brought students from other universities to the USJ campus as the March 14-affiliated students were celebrating their victory in last week’s student union elections.

Why do you plant hatred in the hearts of your supporters?