4 LAU students suspended for
protesting against tuition increase

LAU stuent protest (via Facebook Alternative Student Movement’s page)

Four students from Beirut’s Lebanese American University were suspended on Monday for organizing a strike on the university’s campus to protest against the rise of yearly tuition fees.


The one-hour strike began at noon, during which the student organizers toured several classes in an attempt to convince the professors to stop the classes in support of their strike.


Following this rally, the dean arrived and informed four of the organizers -one of whom was the president of the student council- that they were suspended from LAU until further notice.


The University IDs of the said students were taken away, and they were no longer allowed access to the university’s campus or courses “until the Disciplinary Board decides the proper way to punish them.”


“The dean explained his decision was made because the organizers psychologically pressured professors, pushing them to support the strike and stop classes for one hour,” Ali Jammool, student and member of the Alternative Student Movement told NOW following the incident.

Students at LAU protest against rise in yearly tuition on campus. (via Facebook Alternative Student Movement’s page)

The dean said he suspended the organizers because they psychologically pressured professors.