Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah speaks live on latest developments

On the occasion of the Wounded Veterans Day, I thank you for your presence in Dahieh, Baalbek and Deir Qaboun.


First I want to greet our brothers and sisters the wounded, whether those present here or those in hospitals and homes.


I want to thank especially the families of the martyrs of the latest [military] confrontations.


Your wounds today are a living witness of real acts and events that happened in the very recent past.


Each tells the story of an incident or an event that should be recorded for generations to come.


Your wounds remind us of the heroic acts of the Resistance during the Israeli aggression (Grapes of Wrath) of 1996 and of the liberation in 2000.


This resistance, with all its sacrifices, is the one that liberated Lebanon.


All the blessings of this country are a result of the sacrifices of the Resistance.


Without it our land would have turned into a colony for [Israel].


This Resistance is the one that preserved this Lebanon and this recent past should not be forgotten.


Some today are working to wipe out this past and this heritage.


The coming generations should know everything about this recent period; who was the traitor and who was the resistant.


[We should remember the past] so that facts don’t get mixed up, so that the traitor does not turn into a hero and the resistant into a traitor.


We are a constituent part of this country, this land and the Lebanese people.


We offered sacrifices from our own people, families, homes and possessions for our country and our nation.


This means that we are one of those who is concerned about Lebanon’s safety, sovereignty and survival.


Some people find it easy to pack up and leave when the situation is not great, but we have nothing outside Lebanon.


We were born here, we will be martyred here and we wil be buried here and no one will rout us out of here.


The most powerful army in the Middle East was brought to its knees in [South Lebanon].


We will always be prepared to pay the highest prices.


I will discuss a few important points concerning Lebanon’s internal situation.


We condemn the interference of the US embassy in Lebanon’s electoral affairs.


Regarding the security situations, I call on our supporters to exercise self-restraint, since at this time these acts could have negative repercussions.


Even when it comes to personal disputes, people should have even more restraint, since any dispute is nowadays being given a sectarian meaning.


Regarding the phenomenon of opening fire in the air for any given occasion we noticed that people are being frightened, some are even getting killed as a result.


We consulted our Ulamas and they decided that if there are fatalities or if properties are damaged the gunmen should be held financially responsible.


In Baablek, rumors are circulating that say that the rockets fired on the area originate from Arsal, a Sunni town in the middle of a Shiite region.


If anyone in Arsal is killed for personal reasons people are accusing Hezbollah of the killing.


Local media is propagating stories that are not true.


The rockets that hit Baalbek and Hermel and Nabi Shit did not originate from Arsal but were fired by armed gangs from Syrian territories.


We will find a solution to this problem.


They are working on creating problems between Sunnis and Shiites in the Beqaa.


We should be very vigilant and efforts should be exerted to put an end to these attempts to create strife in these regions.


Regarding Syria, there is a plan that is being implemented.


Some are speaking out about their views on what is happening, but others are silent because they fear Takfiri attempts against them.


They are fearing executions and slaughtering.


Whole regions are being punished for their views.


The other day our friend Sheikh Maher Hammoud escaped an assassination attempt.


Other Ulema [clerics] are also being threatened while others talk about respecting public opinion and accuse us of not respecting it.


They tell us that we don’t even respect opposing Shiite points of view.


Shiites go on television stations and express points of view opposed [to Hezbollah] and no one tells them anything.


We condemn the incident near the Iranian embassy. This was a spontaneous incident during which an innocent person was killed.


These accusations and terrorizing will not change [our] stance, on the contrary when we are challenged with insults and Takfiri thoughts we become even more convinced and determined.


If they think that we will withdraw and retreat, we are not of the sort.


During our battle with Israel and while whole buildings were collapsing on our heads, we did not withdraw or surrender.


In Syria we took the decision to interfere on the ground to oppose the plan that is taking place in Syria.


With time the nature of this plan became clear for us, including its repercussions on the whole region and its people.


I tell you now that we are defending Syria and its people, as well as Lebanon and its people.


We are not with the Syrian regime or against it, we are with the proportion of the Syrian people that is with the regime and also with those calling for reform.


Those arming the rebels and supporting them with man power want the fall of the regime whatever the cost, including the destruction of Syria and its people.


We are the last to interfere in Syria, way after the Future Movement interfered there.


If today we interfered on the side of the Syrian opposition they would have hailed us as heroes, so this is not about intervention or not, it is about a plan for bringing down the regime.


Those who want to bring down Syria, want to bring down Lebanon and the rest of the region and put it under the control of the Israeli-American-Takfiri powers.


We do not send our young men to Syria saying that we are sending milk and bed covers, and we do not secretly bury our dead and tell their relatives to stay silent.


When Hezbollah fights, we do not hide, we do not hide our dead, but rather we hold public burials.


We are proud that we are on the American terror list.


We are not surprised by the past weeks’ threats, including the Gulf countries’ threats of sanctions against Hezbollah members.


There are no Hezbollah members in the Gulf anyway.


On March 25 I said that we are heading to a place that we already know and we already know its repercussions.


This deserves all our sacrifice.


The worst that happened recently is the sectarian rhetoric.


Those who insult each other publically on television stations do not have an opinion and logic to communicate.


The crisis in Syria is not pitting two sects against each other, the battle in Syria is not sectarian, but those who consider it as such are those who are weak and those who are losing out. 


The battle is not between Sunnis and Shiites.


Al-Jazeera broadcasted a story about Shiite men posing near a Sunni mosque declaring Al-Qusayr a Shiite town.


Is that a wise and responsible act? Why are they turning the issue into a Sunni-Shiite strife? This story is false.


There are Syrian Shiites living in Al-Qusayr, they have a neighborhood and a mosque. These men erected a [Shiite religious] flag on their [Shiite] mosque.


We will soon distribute a recording that proves that the mosque is the Shiite one and not the Sunni one.


If anyone thinks that through lies, killings, and threats we will change our stances, they are wrong.


We will be present where we should be and where we need to step up to our responsibilities.


Finally, I repeat my greetings to our dear wounded veterans.


I also greet the Iranian people on this day where democracy is being celebrated.


Iran today is presenting to the Arab world a model of popular elections.


Peace be with you.

On the occasion of the wounded veterans day, I thank you for your presence in Dahieh, Baalbek and Deir Qaboun.