Ranya Radwan

Layal Abboud: The unworthy recipient of a cultural award

Image via Layal Abboud/Facebook

Last week, Lebanon’s Aseel Cultural Heritage Association hosted an event, which was sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, at UNESCO Palace in Beirut to honor Lebanese artists. Among the artists honored was Lebanese singer Layal Abboud, who received the “Cultural Award.”




I could not find any information on why or on what basis artists are selected; however, I do know that cultural awards are usually given to individuals who have achieved artistic excellence in music, dance, theater, literature, etc. Abboud has no significant artistic achievements, and is notorious for her looks and sexually objectifying herself. For example, Abboud was on the cover of the latest issue of Nadine Magazine and was quoted as saying: "Have you seen bigger breasts?" 




Ms. Abboud is under the impression that sexually objectifying herself means she is a liberated woman, when in fact she is degrading herself. 

Image via Layal Abboud/Facebook