Ranya Radwan

The amazingly sexist ad
by Vileda Lebanon

Image via Twitter

The image above is the latest advertisement by Vileda, a leading international supplier of home cleaning products. The ad states: “To clean Lebanon…hand it over to the women.” Essentially, the sexist advertisement insinuates that only women can clean Lebanon, because, as we all know, it’s the only thing they’re good at...

To make things worse, Vileda Lebanon also shared several photos on its Facebook page of people holding signs with the slogan written on them, and these photos included several women:




Sexist marketing and degrading women is not the way to do it, Vileda. Hopefully, the Vileda will withdraw the ad, issue an apology, and shut down its Lebanese branch. If not, in the very least the company should have someone a little more qualified approving their advertisements… 


Anyway, I'm sure Vileda Lebanon will claim that they meant something totally different, since the slogan is a play on words and can have several meanings. However, personally, I would advise them to stick to cleaning products, because we can't be take any company that is backwards and sexist seriously.

Image via Twitter

To clean Lebanon…hand it over to the women.”

  • Hanibaal-Atheos

    There is not one advertisement on any Lebanese or Arab television channel that does not imply that women, not men, do the cleaning: Dettol is the name that comes to mind right now, but there are many others. More critical is the scientific fact that all these unnecessary antiseptic chemical concoctions -sold rabid money-greedy industry to ignorant housewives as "disinfectants"under the pretext that they protect their children - are much more harmful than useful. Absent a responsible government to warn consumers, we are left with ignorance doubled up by corruption. For one, they invariably contain antibiotics, which continuously favor the selection of very harmful antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Two, by overly sterilizing our environment, we are denying our children's immune systems their chance at developing to their full potential by establishing their own repertoire of antibodies and memory-retaining immune cells, our bodies' first line of defense against infections. We never learn the good stuff from other cultures: In the West, the overly sterile environment (due to the abuse of germicidal materials during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s) has caused a stupendous rise in asthma and other allergic diseases among children. We should not be repeating these mistakes just so the Dettol merchants line their pockets with money at the expense of our health. Third, all these chemicals end up in our water table and our ocean, and into the fish we eat. Lebanon is an environmental disaster, and no one seems to mind unless they see the mountains of garbage. The unseen abuse of our environment is by far more dangerous than the visible tip of the iceberg. So, picking on Vileda for sexism is fine, but everyone does it in this patriarchal culture, and there are more imminent dangers to our health than our deeply-entrenched sexism.

    November 16, 2015