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5 Questions for Mosleh Sarieddine

Mosleh Sarieddine

In an interview with NOW, Mosleh Sarieddine talks about the lawsuit filed against him by MP Nicolas Fattouch and his interrogation by Lebanon's Cybercrime Bureau.


Sarieddine was summoned by the Cybercrime Bureau after publishing a video on his Facebook page in which he threatened to “cut off the hand” of MP Nicolas Fattouch for punching a female government employee.


NOW: Can you please tell us about the lawsuit MP Nicolas Fattouch filed against you?


Sarieddine: Fattouch accused me of threatening him. What I actually said was metaphorical and something that has been used by a lot of people, even politicians. Note: these politicians are using their position to abuse the power they have.


Fattouch filed a defamation lawsuit against me because I said “if he didn’t punch Manal Daou, we won’t cut off his hand” in one of my videos. He also accused me of sectarian and religious sedition, and this is a false accusation. On the contrary, the people who support me are from all over Lebanon: from the Beqaa Valley to Zahle, Kessrouan, Hermel, Donniyeh, the South, Naameh, and they are all of different religions/sects.


NOW: What happened when you were summoned for interrogation?


Sarieddine:I was summoned by the Cybercrime Bureau and interrogated about the video in which I addressed MP Fattouch. At the Bureau, they treated me with respect, especially at the office of Major Suzanne el-Hajj, and even served us coffee. They didn’t violate my rights or disrespect me.


NOW: Did any Lebanese politician/party offer to support/back you when you were arrested?


Sarieddine: Some politicians tried to help me when I was arrested but I refused their help. They tried to back me up and help me. I thanked them, but I did not accept their help because I don’t want to be politicized. Those who tried to help were from both political blocs in Lebanon.


I refuse to be affiliated to any political side. All political parties in Lebanon have failed to accomplish anything and they should admit so that they are able to correct their mistakes. People should be aware of this. Lebanese immigrants are living abroad because of their political leaders, they seek to get their rights from foreign countries but they still cheer for their leaders at home.


NOW: Who is Mosleh Sarieddine?


Mosleh Sarieddine: Mosleh Sarieddine is an Arab-Lebanese citizen who dreams of the unification of the Arab world. I am for democracy and the freedom of expression for everyone.


I am also landscape architect. I am a regular citizen who struggled to make it to where I am now. I overcame a lot of obstacles, and continue to face challenges on a daily basis.


I speak on behalf of every poor person, and I don’t mean poor as in “financially poor.” Some people have a lot of money, but are not being treated justly, because of this regime, the political situation, the electricity and the corruption in Lebanon. 


NOW: What do you think is the problem we are facing today as a society?


Sarieddine: The problems we are facing in Lebanon are a result of blind extremism. When living abroad, we all come together as Lebanese, despite our religious affiliations/sects, but when we are in Lebanon we are our sects. Religion is a disease… Every person is free when it comes to their beliefs and how they want to communicate with God, but this should be personal.


Myra Abdallah contributed with translation. 


Mosleh Sarieddine

Some people have a lot of money, but are not being treated justly, because of this regime, the political situation, the electricity and the corruption in Lebanon."


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    November 14, 2014