Wahhab wants to “whip” Geagea

Tawhid Movement leader Wiam Wahhab slammed Sunday Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea, adding that the latter should be “whipped.”

“In a country that has [someone like] Samir Geagea, I should carry a whip and use it on him every day,” Wahhab told New TV.

“Is there any friend of Geagea that was not betrayed by the latter?”

The Tawhid Movement leader added that “Geagea is a comic but he is not funny,” a reference to the LF leader’s Saturday press conference in which he warned that a cabinet headed by former Prime Minister Omar Karami would usher in corruption and Syrian control.

Wahhab also said that he does not respect US Ambassador to Lebanon Maura Connelly, and called her the “La vache qui rit [The Laughing Cow, which is the name of a popular cheese brand].”

He called on March 8 to “look seriously into ways to assume power” in Lebanon, adding that it should have a serious economic project for financial reform.

“The opposition needs to have political boldness [to assume power].”

Beirut has been in political turmoil since the UN-backed Special Tribunal for Lebanon on Monday filed indictments for the 2005 murder of PM Rafik Hariri reportedly implicating the powerful Hezbollah group -- a move that prompted the collapse of the Western-backed unity government led by his son.

PM Saad Hariri is now heading a caretaker government pending the outcome of consultations already postponed to next Monday between President Michel Sleiman and parliamentarians on the appointment of a new premier.

Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement have said that they will not back Hariri for the premiership, while Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt officially announced on Friday that his party will side with Hezbollah and Syria, leaving the rest of his Democratic Gathering bloc MPs’ decisions unknown.

-NOW Lebanon