Wahhab: No Al-Qaeda bases in Lebanon

Arab Tawhid Party leader Wiam Wahhab said on Friday that there are no Al-Qaeda bases in Lebanon.

“There are people who are being infiltrated from Lebanon into Syria and vice versa, but we cannot say that there are Al-Qaeda bases in Lebanon,” Wahhab told LBC television.

Wahhab also said that the government did not do anything better than the previous governments, and is stalling on many issues.

Last week, Defense Minister Fayez Ghosn warned that Al-Qaeda members are present in Aarsal. A few days after his comments, 44 people were killed in Damascus bombings that the Syrian regime blamed on terrorist organizations.

The United Nations estimates more than 5,000 people have been killed since mid-March in the Syrian regime’s crackdown on dissent.

Damascus blames the unrest on "armed terrorist groups" and has unleashed military operations against border towns and protest hubs.

-NOW Lebanon