Two more Reuters journalists disappear in Syria

Reuters reported on Wednesday that two of its journalists—correspondent Suleiman al-Khalidi and photographer Khaled al-Hariri—have gone missing in Syria.

The agency added that a Syrian official said the country was investigating what happened to the two.

"We call upon the Syrian authorities to help us urgently in ensuring their safe and timely release. Reuters remains committed to reporting from the Middle East and we are working round the clock to protect our staff in these challenging times,” Reuters quoted its editor-in-chief, Stephen Adler, as saying.

The agency added that Khalidi, a Jordanian national, was last seen Tuesday in Damascus, while Hariri went missing after he arrived in the city on Monday.

Reuters journalists Ayat Basma and Ezzat Baltaji went missing in Syria on Saturday after they were supposed to have returned to Lebanon, after which they were released by Syrian authorities on Monday afternoon.

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