Syrians pelt Morocco embassy with eggs and stones, envoy says

Protesters pelted the Moroccan embassy in Damascus with eggs and stones on Wednesday, Morocco's ambassador said as his country hosted an Arab League meeting aimed at ending bloody unrest in Syria.

The ambassador, Mohammed Khassasi, told AFP that more than 100 demonstrators had attacked the building and stripped it of its flag.

Khassasi said "between 100 and 150 people protested in front of the embassy and attacked the chancellery with stones and eggs and acted irresponsibly by also attacking the Moroccan flag."

Morocco immediately condemned the attack.

On Monday Syria's foreign minister, Walid Muallem, apologized for protester attacks on foreign embassies after the Arab League voted to suspend his country from the bloc.

"I, as foreign minister, apologize for this matter," Muallem told a news conference in the Syrian capital, adding that protecting the embassies was part of Syria's responsibilities.

On Saturday, hundreds of angry demonstrators attacked the embassies of France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

-AFP/NOW Lebanon

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