Syrian sources say demanding president before summit “blackmail”

Al-Hayat reported high-level Syrian sources as denying any bilateral contacts between Cairo and Damascus to solve the Lebanese crisis, saying that Syria voiced its opinion directly to the concerned party in Lebanon.  

“Syria rejects the logic of indirect references, and if Syria has any remarks, they are made directly,” the sources noted.

The sources stressed that any attempts to hold Damascus responsible for obstructing a solution to the Lebanese crisis were bound to fail, pointing out that Syria “like any other Arab country wants to resolve the crisis and see the election of a Lebanese president, the formation of a national-unity government and agreement on a new electoral.”

Damascus renewed its emphasis on the summit as “a concern for all Arabs,” the sources continued. The problems in Lebanon was not the only problem facing the Arab nation, and the summit should address all the problems, the added.

“It is illogical to ask solve problems as a condition to attend the summit. Syria called on all Arab countries, and welcomes the arrival of everyone at the summit of solidarity,” the sources said.

“Demanding a resolution to the (Lebanese) crisis in order for the summit to be held… is a kind of blackmail.”

-NOW Staff

  • Undercover

    Blackmail??? Who is blackmailing who ?? Do the syrians really know the meaning of this word, and who did it continiuosly for 33 years ??!!!!

    March 23, 2008