Syrian defector accuses Tawhid Party of assisting Ayssami kidnappers

A Syrian defector on Wednesday said that Syrian intelligence forces were responsible for the abduction of former Syrian Baath Party official Shibli al-Ayssami and accused the Lebanese Tawhid Party of assisting them.

The Tawhid party is led by Druze leader Wiam Wahhab.

During an interview with Future News, Brigadier General Hussam ad-Deen al-Awak also accused First Lieutenant Salah al-Hajj of being responsible for “executing [the abduction operation in Lebanon].”

Salah al-Hajj is the son of the former head of Lebanese General Security Ali al-Hajj.

Ayssami disappeared in mysterious circumstances in Lebanon’s Aley two months after the breakout of widespread anti-regime protests in Syria in March 2011 that elicited a violent government crackdown on dissent.

Awak told Future News that after Ayssami was kidnapped he was taken to a border point and later transferred to an apartment in Damascus’ Mezzeh neighborhood.  He added that Ayssami was sometimes taken to another flat in the city’s Al-Qousour area.

Awak said that Ayssami was kidnapped “because he stated writing [an edited version] for the principles of the Baath Party and [about the possibility of developing it].”

However, Awak said that he was unaware of Ayssami’s fate.

-NOW Lebanon