Syria peace plan conditions “unacceptable,” opposition says

The opposition Syrian National Council said on Tuesday that new conditions set by the Damascus regime for it to comply with a UN-backed peace plan were "unacceptable."

SNC spokesperson Basma Qoudmani told reporters in Geneva that the conditions were "unacceptable by any standard," adding: "I do not see that they can be acceptable to the Kofi Annan mission."

The UN Security Council formally backed an April 10 deadline envoy Kofi Annan agreed with Damascus to end its armed assault on protest hubs and on the opposition to do the same within 48 hours.

Damascus said on Sunday it would not withdraw forces without "written guarantees" the opposition will also lay down arms.

The spokesperson said that from 6:00 am the SNC had identified "a number of acts of repression" by the regime.

"We can now call it a violation of the ceasefire because we are into that time," Qoudmani added.

-AFP/NOW Lebanon

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