Syria paper: Bodies of foreigners found in Baba Amr

Several bodies of foreigners, including one of a European suspected of commanding a group of Syrian rebels, have been found in the Baba Amr rebel district of Homs city, a Syrian newspaper reported Wednesday.

"Many corpses were found in trenches and basements ... in Baba Amr," a security official was quoted as saying by Al-Watan daily.

It said one of the bodies was of a European who was apparently commanding a group of rebels and who had been carrying the passport of Spanish journalist Javier Espinosa.

Espinosa of El Mundo newspaper survived a bombardment by regime troops in Homs last month that killed American journalist Marie Colvin and French photographer Remi Ochlik.

He was smuggled out of Homs and managed to cross into Lebanon on February 29.

The security official told the newspaper that Espinosa's "passport and press card were found" on a body – "probably that of a European citizen who commanded (rebels) in Baba Amr."

Espinosa has previously said that he had lost his documents in Baba Amr.

The newspaper further said that Espinosa "knows the identity of the individual who was in possession of his papers... details must be obtained from Mr. Espinosa."

"The body which undoubtedly is that of a [rebel] commander bears the features of a southern European and who apparently is a member of a [foreign] intelligence agency or of a Lebanese security group responsible for evacuating the maximum number of fighters from Baba Amr," the security official was quoted as saying.

The body is still in Syria and "has not been claimed by any country," the report said, adding that several bodies of other foreigners also found in Baba Amr remain unidentified and unclaimed.

Baba Amr was overrun by regime forces on March 1 after rebels pulled out in the face of relentless shelling and a deadly ground assault.

Meanwhile, the Federation of Journalists in Syria called on international media groups to stop sending reporters clandestinely into Syria, saying it violated international law.

The association's head Elias Mrad said that international law "considers the illegal infiltration of any individual into the territory of another country as an offence."

"We would like to inform journalists' associations, media and trade unions not to send journalists secretly," he was quoted as saying by Al-Baath newspaper.

-AFP/NOW Lebanon

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