Syria determined to “restore security”

Syria is determined to "restore security" regardless of the latest Arab League initiatives to end bloodshed, a government official said, in a report Monday by SANA state news agency.

"This decision will not prevent the Syrian government from fulfilling its responsibilities in protecting its citizens and restoring security and stability," the unnamed official was quoted as saying.

"Syria rejects decisions that are a flagrant interference in the country's internal affairs and a violation of its national sovereignty."

The statement came a day after the Arab League agreed to ask the United Nations to send a joint Arab-UN peacekeeping force to Syria, where activists say more than 6,000 people have died in a crackdown on dissent since March.

Syria's ambassador to Cairo denounced the measures, which only Algeria and Lebanon expressed reservations about.

"The Syrian Arab Republic categorically rejects the decisions of the Arab League," which "reflects the hysteria of these governments" after failing to get foreign intervention at the UN Security Council, said Yusef Ahmed.

-AFP/NOW Lebanon

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