Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered a televised speech to a party ceremony honoring Hezbollah martyrs. He said:

"On this occasion to mark the history and the stances of our martyrs I need to express my sorrow because today we miss the presence of Sayyed Abu Hussein al-Moussawi, the father of the martyr [former Hezbollah chief] Abbas al-Moussawi [who was assassinated in 1992]… this Sayyed is the father of our teacher and leader Sayyed Abbas and has been always present on all the fields of the Resistance and I offer my condolences to all his family and village.

Sayyed Hassan has not missed one opportunity to support the Resistance… We pledge to the soul of this father that we will preserve his soul and his era and we will continue on the path of Sayyed Abbas al-Moussawi.

On the occasion of the leaders who have become martyrs we speak of them and their causes, resistance and achievement.

The common aspects between these leaders—Abbas Moussawi, [Imam] Ragheb Harb [who was killed in 1984] and [former Hezbollah military commander] Imad Mughniyeh [who was assassinated in 2008]—is that they are [among] the founders of Hezbollah… These martyrs had a very strong influence in bolstering the foundation, mentality, culture and course of this Resistance and this party… Hezbollah is still abiding by this course.

We do not build our alliances based on our moods, we always take into consideration the interests of the Umma, country and people and among these bases [upon which we build our coalitions] is the issue related to the stance toward the Zionist plan in the region.

First understand its truth, measures, dangers, strong points and its current environment. We understand that Israel is… the tool and army of the Zionist plan in the region. We outline our stance based on this [understanding].

The danger of the Zionist plan, which is represented by Israel, involves the whole region. [Israel] occupies Palestine and the holy sites of Christians and Muslims.[Israel] is making efforts to Judaize Jerusalem and has inflicted pain and calamities on the Palestinian people.

Second, [we adopt such a stance] because we believe [Israel is a threat]… The Zionist entity endangers the region and its people regardless of their religious and racial affiliations or [even the civilization from which they descend].

Therefore we need to confront this danger and bring it down. In truth every fighter in this region, particularly in the neighboring states who stand in the face of Israel, [are in fact] defending all of the Umma.

Our leaders who became martyrs were defending Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt and all Arab and Islamic states in the region. 

This is the primary standard through which we evaluate, correct and form our alliances, and this is among our most important standards. Based on this standard we evaluate our behavior.

We are the sons of Hezbollah and through this evaluation we look at others, whether they are parties, movements in Lebanon or the Arab region, [taking into consideration] their positions toward Palestine.

In this age it is preferable for the rising Islamic movements to evaluate themselves through [the way they regard Palestinian cause].

There are things that can be adjourned, but the Palestinian cause and the Zionist danger posed against the Umma and the religion of this Umma is very dangerous.

No Islamic movement in any Arab or Islamic country [can exist] without having a clear stance toward the Zionist plan in the region.

Throughout the 60 years of the occupation of Palestine some [Arab regimes] colluded with Western [states] and Israel against Palestine and helped to strengthen this entity.

When we say that we need to [tackle] the regional situation from the right perspective [we need] to look at the issue of Israel and its current reality and how its behaving  in addition to its location in light of what is happening in the region, particularly in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon.

The Arab people and governments are not preoccupied with Palestine. Today the [leading] event is Syria and I do not say Bahrain because no one is asking about [what is happening in Bahrain]… There is a grave injustice in Bahrain.
[In light of what is happening] the Israelis are proceeding with their plan in Palestine; Judaizing Jerusalem, expeling [Palestinian] people and torturing detainees in prison.

Prisoner Khoder Adnan went on a 60 days hunger strike, so where is the Arab League and the Arab World? If Khoder Adnan was an Israeli would the world have behaved in a similar way?

Fear is dominating the minds of the Israelis.

Netanyahu said prior to the downfall of [Egyptian president] Hosni Mubarak and the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, ‘After the unilateral withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000 and the withdrawal from Gaza Strip the trajectory changed and it has become clear that Israel is no more a government that cannot be overcome.’

Regarding the Israeli air force, after the 2006 July War it became unable to [win] a battle and same [goes] for [Israel’s] land forces. They were unable to stand in the face of the sons of the Resistance in South Lebanon.

The Mossad chief says that Hezbollah has 90 percent of the power of [a standard army]. Do we own this power or not? God knows.

Dear Egyptians whenever you encounter chaos or a security incident and turmoil you search for the Israeli and American [answer].

In Iraq, chaos and internal fighting is America’s opportunity, especially after it failed to stay in Iraq and it has a big opportunity to overthrow the Syrian regime.

Today there is a consensus in Israel that any option is better than Syrian President Bashar al-Assad [staying in power]. Israel… is hoping that the Syrian regime will collapse because when [Syrian] opposition becomes sponsored by the American, Western and the Arab [countries], which have a well-known history, [then] we have the right to worry.

People, why is there is a determination to overthrow the Syrian regime?

According to us we stand by the Syrian regime. Can anyone say that the Syrian regime is not a rejectionist regime and did not support the resistance in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq?

The regime in Syria has stood in the face of the Israeli-US plan in the region. There are negative [aspects] to regime, yes. The regime itself, says so. 

There are [groups] that say that the Syrian did not open the Golan front [against Israel]. You who speak of the Resistance, have you ever stood by the Resistance and offered it money? 

This regime needs reforms, yes, and the regime today said that it is ready to embrace reforms and has started to issue decrees on parties and media and then came the constitution proposal.

These Arab governments said that the solution with Israel is political and [can be achieved] through negotiations… and for ten years they have wanted to negotiate with the Israel and they have been patient.

But in Syria there is no time. Assuming that the regime in Syria is like Israel, then why do [Arab states] accept negotiations and a political solution with Israel and not with Syria?

Even in Bahrain why don’t [the Arabs] stand by the Bahraini people who are abiding by Resistance?

The first people who took to the streets during the war on Gaza were the Bahraini people… If there were elections in Bahrain you would have seen that Bahrain stands by the Resistance.

We need to search for a political solution in Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Bahrain and Lebanon and take the opportunity away from the Israeli [state]. Did any emir or sheikh in any Arab regime embrace the reforms which [Syrian President Bashar al-]Assad adopted? However, the Americans need to destroy Syria and Iraq.

In Lebanon two days ago on February 14, Lebanon witnessed a dear anniversary which is the anniversary of the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and other martyrs. We express our sympathies to [Hariri’s] family and to those who love him; as we also condemn this [assassination].

We are [people who support] dialogue and reason and we respect the sensibility of the Lebanese and the other party. We do not seek to eliminate [the other] and we recognize its presence .

I will review some of the points that have been raised. We support any call for a national dialogue without prior conditions and we will take part in any national dialogue that has an agenda which we back. However, a call for joining a national dialogue with prior conditions is not an invitation for dialogue.

There was also an attack that was launched against Hezbollah and Syria and I was hoping that whenever they [March 14] want to review the names of the massacres it is better if [Lebanese Forces leader] Samir Geagea did not do so. It would have been better if National Bloc leader Carlos Edde did so.

Regarding the fourth person who spoke [during the February 14 event] and who spoke on behalf of the [Syrian National Council], [I say] that if the first appearance of the SNC crescent would be represented by [March 14 General Secretariat Coordinator] Fares Soueid speaking on behalf of the group, then this is a good start.

[One] year ago I talked about Bahrain, [and March 14 rose against me] and former Prime Minister Saad Hariri attacked us. I demand that March 14 alliance adopt an approach [or a course of action] because we have one standard. 

Why is [March 14] fighting with money and weapons in Syria and involved in escalating the fighting in Syria?

When a dear brother of ours was arrested in Egypt and included in the case called the “Hezbollah cell,” March 14 [rose up against us]. They said that Hezbollah is involving Lebanon in conflicts. I will refer to someone other than Hariri. Geagea said that: “This incident cannot pass just like that in any government and no party has the right to violate other state’s laws.”

Do Syria’s laws allow you to interfere with weapons and incite Syrians against each other?

I say to [those] in March 14 that you have linked all your options to one bet. They have settled their issues believing that the Syrian regime will collapse in the same way they did in previous bets but did not succeed.

[March 14] talks about neutrality and says ‘Lebanon First’ but we do not have ‘Lebanon First’ and full stop. We have a first, second and third Lebanon.

[March 14] took a neutral position toward the issue of Israel so [they should] do the same regarding Syria. Why have you linked Lebanon’s condition to the collapse of the Syrian regime?

Through such [a course of action] [March 14 is] plunging Lebanon into a war.

Among the conditions for dialogue are clarity and transparency and the ability of everyone to express himself properly.

I said last week that we thank the Islamic Republic of Iran for the weapons it is providing us with and some [groups in] March 14 said that such remarks are to be condemned.

From where does [March 14] get [its] money? Since 2005 up until now, you have spent more than $3 billion. From where have you received this sum of money?

Iran did not give the money to Hezbollah because it is a Lebanese party but because it is a Resistance party [fighting] against Israel. But you are political parties so why have you obtained $3 billion dollars? Are your economic plans recognizable?

We are clear regarding the issue of arms. We have arms and you can write a poem about this. We have arms and they are increasing [in number]. We have well-known weapons and there are others which are hidden and unknown. We are hiding them because we need to protect our country and prepare surprises for the Israelis.

[March 14 should] acknowledge that [it] has arms which are being revealed on the streets.

Are the rockets and bombs which thwart the Israeli threat and threaten Tel Aviv deemed weapons for stirring strife?

Are you seriously convinced that the Arab Spring emerged from the womb of the Cedar Revolution? The Arab Spring came out against regimes that were ruled by [former US Secretary of State] Condoleezza Rice and [current US Secretary of State] Hillary Clinton and those who are ruling you today.

This finger [Nasrallah raised during the speech] will not please you. You are not in a position to make rules. You made rules in the July 2006 War and it ended against your wishes.

Leaders of March 14, and with all due respect to those who have good intention regarding the national decision, you are in no position to give guarantees in Lebanon in light of the current changes. The game in the region is bigger than you. Whoever is keen to prevent dissension needs to make efforts to silence his MPs, allies, and media outlets which incite day and night.

We support dialogue without prior conditions and we have reason and are ready to open up.We support the preservation of the government and resolving its problems.

We are not involved in the bombings that took place in India or other countries.  Who is involved? I have no information.

Here I want to recall something:  The blood of Imad Mughniyeh will keep on haunting you [referring to Israelis]. This blood will not fall silent.

Sheikh Ragheb Harb was killed because he refused to shake hands. Mughniyeh and Abbas al-Moussawi were killed because they refused to compromise.  We will not witness what is worse than 2006.  The world was against us, China and Russia and even the government in which we were participating were against us.

They said that the war would end if we handed in our weapons and released [the Israeli] hostages or else Israel would crush us. I told my brothers not one day had I been able to understand Imam Hussein and Karbala the way I did during the 2006 July War.

We are staying here and will proceed with this vision and clarity and do not fear the future. It is the Americans and the Israelis who should be concerned, and we will be able to launch a confrontation that knows no defeat.”

  • Hassan

    Sami, good one; I love sarcastic sense of humor. I seriously laughed. I promise not to give the answers to Israel. To clear the Gaza thing: I still believe it is propaganda. When I said likewise, I was still referring to him mentioning only Shia countries and sending arms because of common interest not out of love. Also, I never said that Saudi kingdom is perfect. I am very aware of the dictatorship but I meant that all Kingdoms inherit leadership. (...) Believe me when I say Palestine belongs to the Palestinians & it was the biggest mistake ever made by humanity. However, if you are a believer, look at the coincidences, it was going to happen anyway. There is going to be a war before the end of the world. You think it is going to happen in Falkland island? of course Israel. Give him the questions & ask him not to forget Afghanistan.

    February 20, 2012

  • Sami

    You wrote:""He sends arms to Sunni? Yea that called propaganda to show the people he cares about Palestine."But when I wrote that his people were arrested in Egypt because they sent arms to Sunni Gaza,then you wrote:"Likewise, sending arms to Sunni Gaza is because they have common interest. "Which is it,Hassan?Does he help Sunni Gaza or does he not?You cant have it both ways.How can you compare the British royalty and other European royalties to the Saudi royalty?One is an absolute dictatorship while all the others are ceremonial rulers who cannot fry an egg in their countries.But I was not referring to those inherited positions, I was referring to the rest of the Lebanese sects who did not change their leaderships since the inception of Lebanon,while the Shiaa sect has new leadership that does not allow its passing down to their relatives.Next time I see Sayyed Hassan I will pass your questions to him if you promise not to forward his answers to Israel.

    February 20, 2012

  • Hassan

    I know the Lebanese state is weak, but it is time to think of ways to make it stronger and find a diplomacy way with Israel without flowers; a treaty for example. However, if Nasrallah is still insisting on getting the holly sites back, I would like the following to be answered: Is he just a resistance protecting Lebanon or/and a Liberator and wants to get back Palestine as well? What is his timeline? This year 2012, in 2020? Waiting on a dreams or sign? I don’t need the month, just the year; based on what I have seen I think he prefers warm weather, May and July. How is he going to achieve getting the holy sites back? Is he a match to Israel or with Iranian help? He doesn’t have to be Exact. I know that’s confidential but at least some hints on his plan. I am sure many live in suspense and fear; let him dot it and get it over with. Who knows, if he cleared this up, I may change my mind and think of him as a great Persian leader, oopsy, I meant Arab leader.

    February 19, 2012

  • Hassan

    What did you mean by all inherit their leader from their father, Bashar? Jumblat? If you referring to Saudi, and Jordan etc, all kingdoms are like that whether it is Saudi. Spain, Sweden, or Prince William. What Arab spring? I never said in any comments now or previously, I hate Mubarak and I believe in the Arab Spring. Nownews is a witness to my comments. What a good coincidence to mention Mubarak, because the Iranian ships would have not crossed the canal this week if Mubarak still exists. Sami, I agreed with you on HA allegedly helping in Gaza but that is not why Nasrallah mentioned Sunni Egypt. He did because he wants to use that corridor to smuggle arms. Likewise, sending arms to Sunni Gaza is because they have common interest. Yet, I don’t think Hamas will turn to HA, they prefer a stable country like Turkey

    February 19, 2012

  • Hassan

    Sami, how will I know (wait this reminds of a good song by Whitney Houston) anyway, how will I know what March 14 wants? This question about Golan should be answered by March 14. We have different definition of brother, my brother is any human, whether he or she a Shia in south, cow worshiper in India or Buddhist in Tibet However, thanks for explaining why Syrians will not open a front in Golan. And based on what you said, the Golan is gone forever since Syria will always be a no match to Israel and Druze will always have culture and sectarian ties in Golan. But that is confusing, if you are not a match why all this slogans and promises from Bashar and his father. And what happened to the help they may get from Iran who can wipe isreal off the earth in 9 min. And I promise I will never comment if Iran miscalculated and took more or less minutes. That’s if this site still exist to comment. You know, I am sure you have heard of friendly fire; I never heard of nuclear friendly fire though

    February 19, 2012

  • Sami

    3-So you want the Lebanese state to liberate the South of Lebanon and protect it in case of an Israeli attack?Dont you think that this state had ample time and opportunity to do so since 1947 but did not or could not?I am not sure if you remember the maktab thani prior to the resistance existence.This maktab(the army intelligence) used to arrest anyone that was caught or was rumored to have weapons or aspire to a different political opinion than that of the state.Hassan I have bad news for you:You can not protect Lebanon with flowers,diplomacy or on the pages of Nowlebanon.The Lebanese state is weak at this time,and when the time that the US ALLOWES the Lebanese army to use the American made rifles to be used against Israel,comesthen the resistance will disband,but until then they will remain vigilant.

    February 18, 2012

  • Sami

    2-Based on the above,we elect our leaders while ALL others inherit their leaders from father to son,from husband to wife etc.Who do you think is democratic?Here is an example of our democracy:When Tfaily picked a fight with Amal in the 80's he was removed and replaced through elections by another leader.When will some of your leaders who inspired the Arab spring be removed as Mubarak was removed?I also have bad news for you,never.The Golan sentence is clear,here it is read it again and let me know which part you do not understand or agree with:" There are [groups] that say that the Syrian did not open the Golan front [against Israel]. You who speak of the Resistance, have you ever stood by the Resistance and offered it money? ".So you think that there was no assistance to Gaza by HA through Egypt?If so,what was the HA cell doing in Egypt when they were caught and arrested by the Mubarak regime?I guess you think they were just innocent tourists.

    February 18, 2012

  • Sami

    1-Hassan,refering to you as a brother or habibi are just words that do not mean anything just as your words when asking me to have a nice weekend are meaningless.Calm down.I am confused.Do March 14 want the Golan open to resistance and the South of Lebanon closed to resistance or both?I will explain the reason the Golan is quiet.1-The Syrian army is no match to the Israeli army,so it will not open this front.2-The residents of the Golan are not willing to fight Israel and most families there have cultural(not to say sectarian) ties with the Israeli Druze in Israel.The resistance in South Lebanon fought and assassinated anyone that collaborated with Israel regardless of his sectarian affiliations.They surpassed sectarian calls to "support your brothers,right or wrong".The resistance annihilated bakawat(bawakat)and ruling families that steered the Shiaa community into poverty,ignorance and submission while ALL the other Lebanese sects still cling to families and bakawat(as leaders)...

    February 18, 2012

  • Hassan

    I don’t want Hezboallah, or any militia, Sunni, Shia, or Malawi- like in Tripoli; Jabal Moshe, to exist. Regardless if their name is associated with God, or Marylyn Monroe. So, to answer your question, I don’t want Hezboallah to attaché money or arms from Iran, or the US to use against the Israelis, against Bashar, or against any another militia. Only leanness government can take money & do whatever they want with it. We are asking since 1947 for the return of the land? I have Bad news; it is not going to happen. Instead of just blaming it only on the US, blame it on USSR, Britain, China, UN & others. Or based on the Iranian, it takes 9 min to wipe Israel, & you get the land back. Let’s do it. They stopped attacking after 2006? You are right, it never happened again. But also, Nasrallah learned a BIG lesson. He even admitted it;”We did not think, even one percent that the capture would lead to a war at this time and of this magnitude. Go figure and have a great weekend.

    February 18, 2012

  • Hassan

    He sends arms to Sunni? Yea that called propaganda to show the people he cares about Palestine. Don’t you think if he didn’t do that, people will ask if you really care why are not you helping & sending arms to Jihad & hamas? But he will never mention another peaceful Palestinian who loves his country as mush as Hamas; Abbas. Futile? Agree; but as Lebanese I, Me, the government, will decide regarding Israel as Jordan, Qatar, & Egypt did. Golan? You yell me what he means by that? “There are groups ... didn’t open the Golan front...” then he ended you ever stood by the Resistance & offered it money? USSR? It played a BIG role in the decision of existence of Israel, yet he hates only the US? I should ask why? & why is still bringing Karbala subject? Something that happened in the past as many other events yet we can’t bring May 2008. Weapons from Iran, what to do with it, & use it against Israel? You are not going to like my answer

    February 18, 2012

  • Hassan

    Sami, with all respect Idon’t like to be called brother or habibi, to me these words mean Love, Family, Care, etc. yet, it is good example of when I was being sarcastic about Nasrallah liking food. I meant he cares for 1 person on hunger strike, still alive, but not about 6000 Syrian dead. I still believe Hezboallah is like Syria protecting Israel. I just assumed he is telling the truth & honest about his Palestinian cause & resistance. Why I said Shia Middle-east? You are right he didn’t say it in his speech but if you read between the lines you will come to this conclusion. Defending Bahrain, Iraq, Alawit regime, & He called on the Egyptian out of Love to the Egyptians? Or out of Hate to Mubarak who did allow weapons or Iranian ship to pass. Egypt is to be used & abused to smuggle arms. What more prove you want: a Sunni country that suffered from the Soviet/Russia and the US and still suffering but he didn’t mention it; surprise, Sunni Afghanistan.

    February 18, 2012

  • Sami

    And stop invading our little "weak" country.They insisted instead.So,now, they stopped attacking Lebanon since 2006 after they became convinced that it hurts them as much as it hurts Lebanon if they attack it again. This is an accomplishment regularly referred to as "the balance of fear".I take it you rather be weak?Finally you claim that he defends only Shiaa countries.Are you not aware that he was the only Arab leader to call on the Egyptian army to rise against Mubarak and that he sent members of his party to deliver arms to Gazza?Arent you aware that neither Gazza nor Egypt are Shiaa?To disgusted I say:Some are buying this BS in the Arab world where this man's popularity exceeds most of the other Arab leaders even inside their own countries.Nowlebanon reported it was 43% at one time.If you consider that there are around 22 Arab leaders with 21 dividing the remaining 57% among them,would you still think that no one is buying his words?

    February 17, 2012

  • Sami

    Brother Hassan, you brought me back to this site with your latest comments.I struggled with the desire to reply to you but my-not so- better judgement won.Let us take your points one at a time and consider if they stand.1-"He wants a dominantly Shiaa Middle East".How did you come to this conclusion?He,certainly did not say that anywhere in any of his speeches.On the contrary,he send arms to Sunni Hamas and Sunni Jihad.2-Does not support negotiations with Israel because they are futile.3-"loves food".So you concluded that he loves food just because he said that a 60 day hunger strike by a Palestinian prisoner is unacceptable?4-I am lost at your reference to the USSR,the Golan and Karbala.5-So you disagree that the Iranian money may be used to fight Israel?What do you think he should use it for?Fight Syria and win elections?6-"...Escalate conflicts with Israel or Lebanese".Ya habibi,ya Hassan,we have been asking and begging Israel since 1947 to return our land,our prisoners.

    February 17, 2012

  • Hassan

    I liked when Nasrallah said “Assuming Syria is Like Israel”. I am going to assume that Hezbollah is not like Israel; after this speech, I understand his personality. He: wants a dominantly Shia Middle East. Hates Arabs to negotiate with Israel. In need of money to get Golan back. Loves food & worry about 60 day hunger but not 6000 dead & reform is still an option. Has humor & love to surprise Lebanese & Israel. Not racist & aware that Palestine has both Christians & Muslims holy sites & he is preoccupied with Palestine. May sometimes refer to the Zionist as Israel. Is good accountant to question the 3 billion & it should only be used to buy weapons. Is trustworthy when he denies a bombing whether in Thailand or Argentina. Is dedicated, blood will not fall silent, & he prefers revenge. Believes the mistake that the Soviet/Russia did in the past to allow partition of Palestine can be forgiven but he can’t forget Karbala. Has great will & intends to stay forever. Impressive.

    February 17, 2012

  • Hassan

    I am not sure why, if it is true, March 14 is fighting in Syria. I don’t have an answer for Nasrallah but coincidently I have the same question? Why is Hezboallah fighting with Iranian’s weapons and money from Iran since 1982 to plunge a war with Israel like in 2006 and against Lebanese in 2008, and still ready to escalate conflict any time between Lebanese or Israel? Actually wait, I think I have an answer, may be smashing the head of the snake in the north, like Syria and Iran, will kill the snake; No need to worry about its tail in the south. Does Nasrallah think we are stupid? Palestinian cause? I didn’t hear or read Abbas or Hamas once. He thinks we didn’t realize that the country Egypt was thrown to confuse us and not to question if he is only defending courtiers with Shia population like Bahrain, Iraq, or Alwait regime like Syria.

    February 17, 2012

  • disgusted

    Yak, yak, yak... keep up your BS which no one is buying it any longer and your demise is surely coming sooner than expected... Ya ali baba ...Disgusted

    February 16, 2012